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CHS is offering $1500 classroom grants for K-12th core education teachers whose innovative classroom projects use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math, nutrition, science and/or social studies. The deadline for grant proposals is September 15, 2015.  The application can be found here.

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Debbi Cox

State Coordinator

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295 Sheep Davis Road

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Deb Robie, 

Grafton County Coordinator

Life Cycles
All organisms go through stages of development or a life cycle. Birds move from egg to chick to adult.  Plants go from seed to seedling to flowering plant.  Even families have a version of a life cycle where parents come together and have a child.  At some point, the child leaves home, finds a partner, produces offspring and the cycle begins again. Understanding this concept is an important component of a child's education.  Not only does it provide some explanation for the life around them, it can give perspective to their own birth, life and death.  Along the way, they can learn to respect and care for those around them.

Agriculture is a perfect vehicle for presenting the information.  Classroom projects can illustrate a life cycle from start to finish.  Choose subject matter which students can easily relate to such as plants or small animals.  The complexity of the unit is obviously based on the grade level, but life cycles can be addressed in K - 12. 

Classroom Connection

Life Cycle Resources:

Scholastic resources for teaching life cycles includes templates, diagrams, activities and more

DisneyNature's Earth 
or K-12  (see page 46)

sequential lessons and activities for grades K-6 addressing organisms, human biology, plants and the environment
Teacher of the Year Awards!


New Hampshire Agriculture in the Classroom is bringing back their annual awards. We want to recognize the exceptional efforts of elementary and secondary teachers who incorporate agricultural concepts in their curriculum. One pre-K through 5th grade teacher and one 6th through 12th grade teacher will be selected.  These winners will advance to be considered for the National Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Awards.

Click here for details along with the application.
Pollinator Seed Packets Available
As part of President Obama's Pollinator Initiative, we have Burpee seed packets available at no charge. Simply email us how many packets you would like and where to send them.

Literacy Program Books Available

We still have some of our Agricultural Literacy Program books available.  "Who Grew My Soup" by Tom Darbyshire has been well received in K-4th classrooms around the state.  If you have not yet had a chance to participate, send us an email to request your copy of the book.  The cost is $5.00 per book plus $2.50 if you would like it mailed.  An Educator's Resource Guide with supplemental information, lessons and activities is included. This can also be found on our website.
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