Support Earth Peoples United by bringing your offering to our Virtual Council Fires...


Men's + Women's Virtual Councils    

Songs, Stories + Teachings with the Elders     


Women's Circle - Tues July 15 (3 B'atz) 6 pm PDT 


Men's Circle - Thurs July 17th (5 Aj) 6 pm PDT


Gather Sisters and Brothers as we light the sacred Council Fires and  

begin a journey into the eternal mysteries and sacred teachings of the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  


  The Virtual Council Fires are an opportunity to gather with diverse Wisdom  
  Keepers to share from their traditions about important topics arising at this       powerful time.  
  We invite you to take your place in the circle of these exchanges that                 represent the essence of our mission.   
Participation is open
to all by donation (minimum $5) and free for all Earth Peoples United Full Members. We are so grateful for your generous support- your sacred offering to feed the fire of Earth Peoples United! With your loving donation and participation, together we can continue connecting people with the
natural and spiritual worlds, and bidging the wisdom of the Ancient Ones with the world of today, so that the diversity of life can florish for future generations. 
It is an honor to co-create and connect with you in these circles with the Elders. 
~ Participating Wisdom Keepers to be announced soon ~ 



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~ Many blessings from everyone at Earth Peoples United ~ . . 530 459 3471