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As most of you know, extremely cold weather is headed our way.  The low tonight is predicted to be 8 degrees, with NOAA predicting Tuesday night's low to be 14 degrees.   


Jim Groves, Director of Emergency Services for Orange County, offers the following tips to get you, your family, and your neighbors safely and comfortably through the next few days.  Please read and share them with family, friends, and neighbors:




Just a friendly reminder about temperatures this evening through tomorrow evening . . . dangerous in several aspects.


Consider REDUCING your thermostat by a degree or two and using clothing and blankets to stay warm.


This will reduce the demand on the power company and help reduce power outages.


1.  People and Pets

  • Make sure to layer your clothing.
  • Keep an eye out for your friends, family, and neighbors.
  • If you have to use an alternate heating source due to a power outage, make sure the area is well ventilated.  USE CAUTION FOR CARBON MONOXIDE BUILD UP . . . NEVER USE CHARCOAL AS A HEATING SOURCE!
  • Have a place for outside pets to stay warm (inside, heated houses outside, crawlspaces, basements, etc.)
  • Pets' water sources will freeze, so set a fresh bowl of water out as often as possible.

2.  Roadways

  • Have winter clothing and extra blankets when traveling, just in case you are in an accident.
  • USE CAUTION TONIGHT THROUGH TOMORROW.  Even though the rain has stopped, residual water may be across the roadway and freeze, creating ideal conditions for ice, black ice . . . and an accident.
  • A bag of kitty litter may help traction (for you walking or for your vehicle on ice)

3.  Pipes in and Around Your Home

  • If you have ever had pipes freeze at home, they most likely will freeze again over the next few days.  Insulate these areas or have faucets trickling to keep water moving . . . but make sure your drains are functioning properly to prevent overflow.
  • Hoses should be disconnected from the outside spigot so the water can properly drain from the valve and prevent damage.

Good luck!




Jim Grove, CEM

Director of Emergency Services - Orange County

O - 919.245.6140

M - 919.943.8970 



Stay warm and safe.




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