Newsletter December 2012 

bedroom finishing
Bedroom Makeover
Joe & Darby's Bedroom 


We recently had our employee, Daniel, build a healthy-sized 10' x 10' walk-in closet to the back of our guest bedroom. Since this was now to be our master bedroom, it was time for an update. See the photos here of our progress. Amazing how quickly a room is transformed! We added crown molding, panels framed with stained panel moldings, and two colors chosen for a warm and cozy place to retire to, at the end of a long day.

We refinished the hardwood floors and are now in the process of  picking and ordering window treatments. We are looking at woven wood shades that come with a choice of fabric binding detail.  I love this company for custom Roman Shade orders: Blinds Chalet. We will keep you in touch and share pictures as we install those finishing touches. 








crown 2
Crown Moldings 
Adds Real Value


One of the quickest ways to soften up a room's hard edges and add a sense of quality to a home is to add crown molding.  It seems this classic feature never goes out of style. We can usually do a room in half a day, which makes this one of the most economical upgrades.  Look around your home now.. any room without crown molding should be given serious consideration for

this upgrade. 





Prep is Key
                Sanding / Prep Work 
                To Protect and To Beautify 

A paint job is only as good as the preparation work that's done prior to application.  I spent the first few years of my painting career managing paint stores and studied extensively the various products available for use in prep work. The following is a list of products that I find to be highly effective for superior exterior house painting durability: (Please don't show my competition ;)

  • Elastomeric Patching compound  -Much more elongation and                   adhesion
  • Flexall - Wood-like strength, flexibility. With the ability to sand smooth.
  • Abatron - Two-part epoxy. Shapeable, rock hard. Fills dryrotted wood.
  • Penetrol - Deep penetrating oil for bare wood for extra seal.

Here is a photo of some sanding work on a home that we are currently prepping and painting. This home was painted several years ago by another painting company and was already showing significant wear and peeling. The customers report that this company had not done near the extent of preparation and sanding that our team is doing now, and that they have great peace of mind in knowing that Ryan Painting Services is getting the job done right this time. 


Many of the homes Ryan Painting Services painted over 15 years ago are still looking beautiful to this day. 






Ryans Christmas

The Ryan 10

Yes, that's me, the oldest boy - in a family of ten -
five boys and five girls.
All are still doing well, all living in Southern California. 

Darby and I would like to wish you the Merriest of Christmas's and the Happiest of New Year's. 

May Blessings Abound!










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