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The Influence of Color in Our Lives


When I was a boy I painted my bedroom blue and when I was a young bachelor I hung a mural in my bedroom of a moody beach scene with a sunset, in dusty-orange hues and shadowed palm trees colored jet black. One might surmise that these were chosen of a male gender bias.  Perhaps, but I have seen that the trained eye, over time, comes to appreciate color in a more gender-neutral or inclusive way. It is appreciated  as a design element (complete with scientific rules), it is used for space planning and it is a proven mood enhancer. Color can enhance certain architectural details and de-emphasize others. Sometimes, quite subtlety.


I came across an article recently from the Sherwin Williams Stir publication that covers  the influence of gender on color choices. In the end, good color choices will be reflective of your personality and good taste and also lend to a sense of balance and comfort.

No matter if its chosen by a him or a her. 


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A work in progress - deck gets widened stairs.  Windsor Avenue, So.Pas.        


What better man for a homeowner to know than a handyman?


It is always nice to know such a fellow,
and from time to time its nice to rent a gent. With Ryan Painting Services, you not only get first class painting when you hire us to beautify your home, but you'll also recieve first class carpentry for those extra jobs around the house that need that special attention.

Let me introduce you to Daniel, an employee of Ryan Painting Services for over ten years.  He is a quiet, efficient, highly skilled carpenter, plumber, tile man and repairman. I have watched him build beautiful decks, remodel bathrooms, replace dry-rotted beams and sills, and fix door knobs and much more, for countless customers of RPS. Extremely satisfied clients is always our ultimate goal and we are so very proud of this record!

Daniel is a wonderful compliment to the paint work that we provide to you, our trusted customer.

If you would like us to come and take a look at your current home wish-list, we will be glad to help you with all of your restoration and/or remodeling needs. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation. We look forward to seeing you again and working with you to accomplish all of your homeowner goals!

Abatron Two-Part Epoxy Patch
A truly amazing product we use for exterior wood dry rot and termite damage is Abatron.  Rotted wood is first sealed off and hardened using the two-part Liquid Epox. Then, two-part Wood Epox is molded and shaped to fill even the deepest of voids.
I love using Abatron products to restore wood that would otherwise seem beyond repair.
You can see more Abatron here.


On A Personal Note


I am proud to announce my marriage to Darby Marie Logan on September 4th of last year. I cannot believe our one year anniversary is quickly approaching!  Darby is a professional singer and voice coach/teacher. She is now one of South Pasadena's newest and proudest residents.  

I am a very blessed man to have such a  

caring and intelligent woman in my life. 




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Pressure Wash Special 

Ryan Painting Services will pressure wash your     house and garage. Cleaning your home removes layers of dust that can damage paint and clears out spider webs and other contaminates.  


Offer Expires: November 2nd, 2011



            Color Change Special 

Ryan Painting Services will paint any room 

(walls and ceiling* only). Color samples will be provided so that the look will be stunning.  


*Acoustic ceiling excluded.

Offer Expires: November 2nd, 2011