May, 2012

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HR Technology Tools You Need


Applicant Tracking Software
An applicant tracking system (ATS) saves time by automatically assisting with repetitive tasks. It organizes and stores data for future reference. It intakes the resumes, attaches them to respective requisitions, performs initial resume screening, and keeps track of steps the recruiters perform regarding each candidate. An ATS is sometimes called a candidate management system and it works like an administrative assistant supporting the recruiting team.

Applicant tracking systems are available as desktop applications or Web-based applications. The desktop application is installed on the local computer, whereas the Web-based application is available over the Internet. Often, a business may know that an applicant tracking system is needed; however, it may not know whether to chose a desktop software or a Web-based application. The best way to decide is to gather and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of application. We have started the list for you in the attached document: Desktop versus Web-based Application.

An ATS not only records incoming information and tracks data, but it is also crucial in gathering and analyzing metrics for making decisions and meeting OFCCP compliance.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 

The HRIS incorporates employee and management information. It enables data entry, tracking, analysis, and reporting of information.

An HRIS helps with recording, tracking, and reporting such as:

  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Training
  • Employee Self Service
  • Benefit Open Enrollment
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Position Control
  • Online Recruiting
  • Email Alerts
  • Performance Management & Compensation
  • Multi Language
  • Time Collection
  • Succession Planning


The HRIS can be integrated with the ATS and payroll system for a more efficiency in the HR operation. In this case, it will also track payroll data, including pay raises,as well as recruiting activities including candidate management from resume submittal to new hire on-boarding.

Selecting a software to use for managing HRIS also requires careful consideration. Please refer to the link above to help determine the type of HRIS application that you will need for your business. In addition, consider the growth of your company and search for one that will accommodate your growth.

HR Portal
An HR Portal promotes self service administration. The portal is usually hosted on the business' intranet, but can be Web-based as well.

The primary advantages of an HR Portal is that it delivers "Just-in-Time" information to employees, engages employees to manage their own HR transactions, and helps relieves your HR staff of the day-to-day customer service demands so they can focus on their task completion. In addition, HR can update data without relying on IT.

The main disadvantage in relying on the HR Portal is that some employees will not use it accurately or use it at all, which would result in skewed data in the system. However, adequate training and frequent reminders with deadlines will ensure employees update their information in an accurate and timely manner.

The HR Portal allows a single sign-on so that employees and managers have one place to access their different information, e.g., checking PTO balance, updating benefits information, completing performance reviews, et cetera. The Dashboard on the portal gives users a quick overview of the status of each HR component linked to their account. Finally, the portal could be described as a culmination of all of the systems, since both HR and employees can transfer and access data from the various systems in this one centralized location.

Database Management
Technology is only as good as the quality of data entered into the systems. Selecting the right database administrator or a data entry specialist is important. To manage the database effectively, identify someone who is keen on detail, understands the use of the data, diligent in ensuring data integrity, and persistent in getting system issues resolved fast. Most systems date- and time-stamp data input so it is important that the system is working properly to capture employee information at the time they expect to have it recorded. Once a technology is selected -- desktop or web-based - ensure that training is a part of the agreement and that the database manager is properly trained.

In general, if you decide to incorporate technology into your business strategy, select the technology according to your business needs and take steps to control data quality. This is important to make sure you are using accurate data to make decisions and provide to monitoring agencies. The attached Database Management Checklist will help you get started.


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