Recent Research Findings

Improvements in discharge capacity and cyclability of Li-S batteries have

been achieved using sulfur-functionalized mesoporous carbons as the 

sulfur host material.


Using Small Particles to Reap Colossal Benefits

UC Santa Barbara researchers have created a unique semiconductor

with coherently embedded metallic nanostructures, paving the way for 

new and enhanced applications, especially for energy efficiency.

In collaboration with NREL, UC Santa Barbara researchers have designed GaN-based solar cells for integration to multi-junction photovoltaics that could raise concentrated photovoltaic system efficiencies to
more than 50%. This work was featured in an article posted on Compound Semiconductor.



Startup Highlight

Taylor Umphreys, a UC Santa Barbara alumnus and former 

undergraduate researcher in Institute Director John Bowers' lab,

recently launched Zuli, a smartplug that enables you to control

lights and appliances from your phone.




Institute & Faculty News

We are pleased to announce that James Dehlsen and Ravi Viswanathan have joined our Director's Council, and Arun Majumdar has joined our Global Advisory Board.



Technology Roundtable Report on GaN Standards Just Released

The report details the outcomes of the Institute's

Standards for GaN Power Electronics Technology Roundtable
held on March 11-12 at UC Santa Barbara.    
In the News
The EPA awarded The Institute for Energy Efficiency $4.9 million for chemical research.
At our Energy Leadership Lecture,
founder and president of NextGen Climate Tom Steyer highlighted the actions needed to successfully confront climate change.
UC Santa Barbara's Fred Wudl, a research professor in chemistry and materials engineering, received the 2014 Spiers Memorial Award.

Mitsubishi Chemical renewed their successful Materials Research Partnership, which gives nearly $6 million to UCSB over the next four years. 

March 6--Game Changer: Unconventional Gas & Oil and The Energy Landscape

Energy Leadership Lectures:

March 10--Arun Majumdar: Energy & The Industrial Revolution: Past, Present & Future
May 6--Tom Steyer: Confronting Climate Change: A Political Reality Check

Thank You to our Industry Partners