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UC Santa Barbara's College of Engineering is #1 out of all of the UC's in Research Funding!
Issue 14 Sprimg 2014

UCSB's College of Engineering announces another significant milestone.  We are now #1 out of all of the UC campuses in terms of research funding/capita. We hope to encourage you to come visit UCSB to see why.  This year's Summit on Energy Efficiency, hosted by the Institute for Energy Efficiency (IEE), takes place on May 1-2.  Also, the campus wraps up the recruiting season with a "Career Networking Night" on May 7th.  We know it can be difficult to fly to Santa Barbara to visit the campus and we think we have a good solution.  Read on to learn more
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The College of Engineering is #1 in RESEARCH funding
Energy Summit May 1-2
Do you need some great recent grads?
San Jose for the Day

Traveling between Santa Barbara and the Bay Area can be quite a challenge. The lack of accessibility from Santa Barbara to Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas has been a continuing source of frustration for South Coast business travelers.  Commercial airline day trips from Santa Barbara to San Jose and back can cost over $1,000 and eat up to 16 hours with check-ins, security screenings, and transfers.

Santa Barbara Aviation, Inc. is now offering a solution - FlyAirshare.com - to connect the South Coast to Silicon Valley to support the growth of start-up tech companies and bring lucrative development opportunities to corporate programs for UCSB.

FlyAirshare is a convenient and cost-effective, charter air travel option to and from the Santa Barbara area. For example, a roundtrip flight to San Jose, with travel times of three hours, costs as low as $780 round trip per person. There's also a "Trip Board" where community trips can be created and shared between colleagues, family, and friends for other destinations.
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Dr. Leslie Edwards
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UCSB's College of Engineering Faculty Receive More Funding for Research by All Sources than the Other UCs

UCSB's engineering faculty are #1 per capita in terms of research funding out of all of the UCs. According to the Office of the President's statistics, UCSB College of Engineering is #1 both in overall research expenditures per capita and in funding by corporations per capita. The average expenditure at all of the UCs per PI from all sources is $419,000/year/faculty.  UCSB tops the charts at $682,000/year/faculty.


The Forth Annual Energy Efficiency Summit

The Santa Barbara Summit for Energy Efficiency, now in its 4th year, has attracted wide attention as a major forum on energy efficiency and sustainability with a special emphasis on the science and technology that catalyzes this field. The 2013 Summit, being held on May 1 & 2, is expected to bring together 300-400 national stakeholders from industry, academia and government to address the latest developments in energy efficiency.


The theme of this year's Summit will be Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future, with U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu giving an opening keynote address, titled, "Materials Science Innovations in Energy Efficiency and Generation." UC Santa Barbara's Institute for Energy Efficiency is dedicated to leveraging the university's faculty, scientists, engineers and researchers to develop cutting-edge science and technologies that support an efficient and sustainable energy future. One of the Institute's goals for the Summit is to inspire ideas and discussions that will spur further innovation and collaboration in the energy efficiency field. 


Early bird discount ends March 30th, so REGISTER TODAY!


The Final Recruitment Activity of the 2012-13 School Year 
Career Networking Night


Tuesday, May 7th from 6-8pm


UCSB Career Services invites you to our take on a "Reverse Career Fair." Open exclusively to employers that want to connect with student organizations, we have turned the tables and are having the employers circulate the room while the student organizations staff their booths! The Career Networking Night will be your chance to begin lasting relationships with career oriented students. You will speak with student leaders at UCSB and have the opportunity to coordinate a recruiting strategy with their organization. Every employer will also receive a digital resume book from each organization.

We always appreciate any input you may have on how we can improve, so please don't hesitate to send us your feedback. Thank you for your continued interest in our program. For further information, please visit the Industry Center website at: www.industry.ucsb.edu

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