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March 27, 2013
Vassilios Kovanis 
Efficient Design of Tunable Photonic Oscillators
  Wen Hann Wang  
April 17, 2013
Wen-Hann Wang
Energy Efficiency through Technology Scaling: A System Perspective


March 13, 2013
Max Shtein 
New Architectures for Improving the Efficiency of Excitonic Solar Cells


March 6, 2013 
Jen Dionne
Progress and Challenges 
in Plasmon-enhanced Photocatalysis and Photovoltaics
   Charlie Hu    
February 20, 2013
Charlie Hu 
Energy Debugging in Smartphones  


February 13, 2013
Thomas Wenisch
Power Management from Smartphones to Data Centers
Winter 2013 header

The Winter quarter was a busy and exciting one here at the Institute for Energy Efficiency. We are pleased to share our latest news with you including details on the 2013 UC Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency, our most recent technology roundtable on Information & Communications Technologies (ICT) core networks, and faculty research updates on efficient wireless networks and electrochemical storage. We look forward to connecting with you over the next few months.
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Institute News
Summit on Energy Efficiency May 1-2, 2013 - Register today! 
Steven Chu This year's UC Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency will be held on May 1-2, 2013 at the Fess Parker Resort in Santa Barbara. The Summit will focus on Materials for a Sustainable Energy Future.  In addition to our opening keynote speaker -- Dr. Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy -- we have many other experts gathered to discuss the latest science and technology innovations that are driving energy efficiency. A list of speakers and session details can be found on our Summit website. The early-bird registration discount has been extended to April 5th - register today!
ICT Technology Roundtable        
On February 7-8th, 2013, the Institute for Energy Efficiency hosted a Technology Roundtable on Information and Communications Technologies Core Networks. This 
high-level event brought together 27 leading stakeholders from the private sector, government, and academia. Through highly interactive discussions, participants identified technological and architectural advancements needed in transmission, switching, and routing to develop scalable, energy-efficient, next-generation core networks. A report is currently being prepared highlighting roundtable findings
The lead sponsor for this Technology Roundtable was Juniper Networks, and supporting sponsors were Ciena, Sprint, and the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network. Read more about the roundtable here.

 Faculty News & Research

Institute is awarded $1.6 Million from DOE's ARPA-E

The Department of Energy's ARPA-E awarded the Institute $1.6 million to develop an energy storage device for hybrid electric vehicles led by Professor Galen Stucky's research group. The technology combines the properties of batteries and capacitors into one technology.

According to ARPA-E the device "could charge within minutes, deliver more power, and have a longer life expectancy compared to today's electric vehicle batteries." Click here to read the full news release.


Eliminating network congestion in data centers 

Institute faculty member Dr. Heather Zheng and her colleagues in the Computer Science department have been working on innovative solutions to the issue of network congestion in data centers. This congestion often occurs during sudden bursts of activity and can cause major 

bottlenecks in the transfer of data, which translates into service downtimes. 
Their solutions involve bouncing wireless 60GHz beams off polished metallic plates on the ceiling, reducing interference and taking advantage of the multi-gigabit bandwidth that the 60GHz radios provide. Their most recent experiments have verified the properties using real hardware. Now these wireless links can augment existing wired connections in data centers, alleviating the congestion in a matter of milliseconds.

Dr. Zheng's research has received significant press coverage over the last year: New York Times (01/12)MIT Techology Review (04/12)ComputerWorld (05/12)Read the full text paper here  

and more about Heather and her grouhere. See their most recent conferencpresentation from Sigcomm 2012, including figures illustrating the testbed and results.
UC Santa Barbara Students Win National Sustainability Contest at White House 
An interdisciplinary team of UC Santa Barbara undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students have taken a top prize at the 2013 Better Building Case Competition. This competition is part of President Obama's Better Buildings Initiative, which is striving for a 20 percent reduction in commercial and industrial energy use by 2020. Several Institute faculty and graduate students were involved with this team. Read the full news release here.
 Featured Seminar and Video
Professor David Lea on Global Warming
David Lea
David Lea, professor in UC Santa Barbara's Department of Earth Science
delivered a special seminar in October 2012 titled Can Global Warming Be Held to 2 Degrees Celsius above Pre-Industrial?  Professor Lea was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Science Fellowship by the US Department of State in 2010 and has served as science advisor to the Honorable Todd Stern, President Obama's Special Envoy on Climate Change. Watch David's video and presentation here.
Thank you to our Industry Partners
As members of the Institute for Energy Efficiency's Industry Partners Program, the above companies recognize UCSB's leadership and excellence in research and education in energy efficiency.  The Institute's Industry Partners are integral both in transitioning the research of the Institute to the commercial sector and in helping to identify needs in the marketplace.  This connection is essential to the Institute's mission to affect real change in the energy equation.