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April 27 in Dryden!  

Six programs in one day! You'll be able to swim, dance, visit the Girl Scout Boutique, and much more! Each girl will receive a veni. vidi. vici. patch, a goody bag, and a t-shirt commemorating this event. See you there!



Party in the Park

Celebrate Earth Day with a party in the park in Rome!


Iceland Exploration Destination Still Open!



Mark your calendar for one of the noted dates and join us as we celebrate you! 


List of Events 

Register now by visiting gsnypenn.org/ebiz

Behind the Scenes at Roberson Museum deadline has been extended to March 29.
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March 20, 2013


Jr 10154 Donates Pet Food



Photo of the Week! 



Girl Scout Junior Troop 10154 of Fabius Pompey made pet care baskets for the Jamesville Dewitt Ecumenical Food Pantry so families could have holiday treats for their pets too!  Boxes included cards, pet food, toys, treats, litter, scoops, and litter boxes.  The pet food drive will continue throughout the year.

Submit your photos to 
Kim DunneYours may be selected for our Photo of the Week!      




Annual Meeting is May 4 in Geneva
Presidents Awards Announced

We are happy to announce that the Indian Trails, Caywasco and OdMonWa Service Units will be receiving the President's Award at the Annual Meeting!  Volunteers of these service units should all be very proud of your accomplishments.


Attend the Annual meeting to honor these service units and other adults earning special awards.  Meet the Board of Directors, leadership staff at GSNYPENN Pathways and volunteers throughout the council. 


ALSO!!!   See the 100th Anniversary Time Capsule contents and be part of history as we seal it, to be opened in 25 years!


 Details and reservation form.

Mark Your Calendars for Our YWOD Events!

We will be honoring 24 young women who have earned the prestigious Girl Scout Gold Award at our Young Women of Distinction events in May.

Each week, through the end of May, we'll feature one or more of these outstanding girls in our weekly news.  Join us at these events to honor these Girl Scouts, along with those earning the Silver and Bronze awards. Events

Maggie A. Maggie A of Parish, NY worked with the United Friends of Homeless Animals and other agencies throughout Oswego County to hold a pet care adoption fair. She believes her project was a success due to the number of groups that attended and more awareness was spread throughout the community about animal adoption. "I learned I can talk on the phone to people," Maggie said. "I learned I'm confident!  I was nervous at first when I started calling people, but after I talked to a few vendors, I realized it wasn't that hard."

Are We in Your 'Interests' on Facebook? 

Sure you've liked our Facebook Page.... but have you put us in your Interests groups?   When doing so you can click on us from your home page and see everything we've recently posted. Can't find "interests"?  Do a search on your home page...directions should pop up! 


Our Own Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout
 Marc H. of Cicero and Boy Scout Troop  117 earned the Eagle Scout award as he completed a project for the Girl Scouts!  He built nesting tables, peg boards and leadership ladders (all branded in official journey colors) for our stores. "They are beautiful," said GSNYPENN COO Dianne Stancato. "On Sunday, March 4, he officially received his Eagle Scout Rank. I was very proud to be invited to share in his day. I loved the collaboration with the Boy Scouts and welcome future projects!"
A Gift With Your Boutique Purchase!

Now through the end of March, spend $50 or more in our boutiques and receive a free stuffed animal!

Adult Learning Opportunities
Visit the Learning Ops page on our website for details about the following courses. 
You can register for the courses online!


 March 27
 April 3
 April 27
 GSLE Sessions



 March 20
 March 27

 April 15

 April 11

 Webinar Extended Trips April 10

 June 1

 Johnson City Facilitating Adult Learning Sessions May 24

 April 6
 April 6
 April 6
 April 14
 April 27

 May 4 

 Tioga Center
 Penn Yan


 Rensselaer Falls


 Simply Successful Overnight Sessions

 March 22

 March 22 
 March 23
 April 5
 April 15

 April 24 

 April 6-7
 April 26-27
 April 27-28

 May 4-5
 May 10-11
 May 11-12

 Misty Hollow
 Camp Hoover

 Rensselar Falls

 Simply Successful Camping

 March 22
 April 12
 April 15

 April 24
 May 1
 May 11

 April 27 (morning)

 April 27 (afternoon)

 Camp Hoover

 ARC FA/CPR Skills April 15
April 17/Noon-2 pm
OR April 17/7-9 pm
 Webinars Service Unit Encampment Enrichment

 April1 5

 March 28

 April 6

 April 17

 April 23
 May 13

 Tioga Center

 New Hartford

 Medic First Aid Skill Sessions

 March 21
 March 30

 April 10

 April 18

 May 6

 March 23

 April 13

 April 26-28

 April 27

 May 10-11

 June 1


 Camp Amahami
 Camp Hoover
 Phelps Service Center
 Camp Trefoil

  Spring Fling Events 
 April 18
  Ceremonies & Traditions
 April 5




Programs & Events

Be sure to check our Programs and Events page often! If you're interested in these programs/events, register soon and encourage your friends to do so as well!
New Programs Recently Scheduled

April 7

Gr 6-10 


 Red Cross Babysitting Course

 Learn the skills needed to be a fun and
 effective babysitter!


 March 28

May 3

Gr 4-12


 Hunger Banquet
 Experience firsthand the unequal distribution of food among the world's population.

 April 25
May 11

August 31


Misty  Hollow

 Horse Programs!

 Meet the horses at Misty Hollow, learn to ride, 
 polish your horsewomanship skills! 

 Daisy Walkabout: Grades K-5
 Hobby Horse: Grades 2-5
 Brownie Taster: Grades 2-5

 Horse Rider: Grades 4-8

 Horse Fan: Grades 4-8
 Riding Orientation: Grades 4-12
 Riding Lessons: Grades 4-12, adults and
     non- registered girls

 Trail Mix: Grades 4-12, adults and

      non- registered girls

 Trail Ride: Grades 4-12, adults and

     non-registered girls


Two weeks

before your  requested












Deadlines Looming! 
Red Cross Babysitter's Course. March 23. Oneonta. Deadline March 20.
Peter Pan Performances. March 23. Deadline March 23.
Bullying and Helping Hands. April 1. Ilion. Deadline March 25.
Brownie and Junior SciGirls. April 3. Lowville. Deadline March 22.

Cancelled due to lack of enrollment.
Hunger Banquet. March 25
School's Out. April 1
The following programs are now FULL.
No further registrations accepted.
Engineering Day. March 23. Cicero
Animal Tracks & Traces. March 23. Amboy
Stream Monitoring. April 20. Geneva
Out the Door. Let's Explore. Baltimore Woods. May 4, morning session
Tea Party at The 1890 House. May 5. Cortland, afternoon session
Flowers. May 18. Montezuma
Don't Miss These Museum Exhibit Celebrating Girl Scouting's 100th Anniversary!

The Discovery Center  A wonderful hands-on interactive display. The museum has extended the display's run and will now be open through October 2013!. Binghamton.