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We hope you'll enjoy and profit from this week's newsletter and program guide. You may even recognize some Colorado entrepreneurs who you know or do business with.
- David Biondo and Dean Rotbart


9 Traits Peyton Manning Exemplifies That You
Can Emulate as the Quarterback of Your Business 
Featuring Dr. TC North, CEO - Catalyst High Performance

Business Alchemy: Turning Vast Quantities of Free Government Data Into Entrepreneurial Gold
Featuring Karen Suhaka, Founder and President -

Sixth Annual Venture Capital in the Rockies Fall Conference 

Meet 14 Early Stage and Growth Companies
From Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Utah

Featuring (Clockwise): Monique Elwell, COO, Storyvine; Chris Cooper, VCIR Fall 2013 Conference Co-Chair and Partner, Pelion Venture Partners; David Gold, Managing Director, Access Venture Partners

You Can Be Like Victor - Another Signal Butte Financial Corp Satisfied Client.  Hear Victor's 60-Second Tale

Small Business Matchmakers: Bringing Quality Employers and Top-Notch Employees Together
Homerisdoms™: Valuable Folk Wisdom From This Successful Serial Entrepreneur. This Week - Outsmarting Barnes & Noble

Her Daycare Alternative Makes A Whole Lot of Sense, Especially For Small Business Owners With Kids
Featuring Melissa Kaye Snyder, Owner & CEO - Nannyshare USA

Chaz DePaolo - One Night Live at Iona: Now Available From Smoke Tone Records 
Featuring Host David Biondo on the Blues Harmonica

You Can Be Like Esther - Another Signal Butte Financial Corp Satisfied Client.  Hear Esther's 60-Second Tale

This Financial "Plumber" Shows Business Owners Where Their $$$$ Is Drip, Drip, Dripping Away
A special one-hour interview with Garret B. Gunderson, Author - Killing Sacred Cows

Business Headaches?
Take 2 Aspirin and Call Your Family Physician
Featuring Dr. Arlen D. Meyers, President & CEO - Society of Physician Entrepreneurs
Mountain States Toyota supports local businesses and the Small Business Drives Colorado™ campaign.  Be sure to contact them for special small business incentives.  Visit:

Each Sunday at 8 a.m. on 710 KNUS AM, hosts David Biondo and Dean Rotbart feature innovative small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and self-employed professionals who share with listeners the secrets of their success. The insights and lessons they offer can help you turbocharge your business.

If you are an unconventional entrepreneur willing to share your business experiences with David and Dean, we'd love to hear from you.  Phone us at 855-768-2278, or email [email protected].  

There is no cost to be featured on our program. 
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"Cinche" by Frank Farrar
Valkarie Art Gallery & Studio. Painted in acrylic on canvas board. Size approximately 12X9.
Valkarie Gallery originated from the creative minds of founding members Frank Farrar, Valerie Savarie and Karrie York. Together, they envisioned a space where they could collectively create and display their art. A place where they could invite a diverse collection  of artists to exhibit their work and whose art greatly inspired the creation of their own. Both gallery and working studio, Valkarie is owned and run by artists, for artists and invites the community to join them in the celebration of all things creative!
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 1st - 5 to 9 pm.  445 S. Saulsbury St., Denver 80226
Hear Frank, Valerie and Karrie discuss their new gallery and studio on Business Unconventional, Sunday, October 27th 
8 am to 9 am - 710 KNUS AM  


This Air Force Vet Will Show You How to Carpet Bomb Your Piles of Business Clutter
Featuring Angela Cody-Rouget, Founder - Major Mom

This Young Entrepreneur
Has Some Top Colorado Executives Eating Out of Her Hands 
Featuring Lyla Padden,
Founder - Flour Gal

Why Your Accountant May Be Missing Crucial Opportunities to Reduce Your Tax Exposure
5 Foundational Steps to Becoming a 'Local Search' Giant

Michael Ramstetter - Mountain States Toyota
Michael Ramstetter

Colorado's Small-Business-Friendly Auto Dealer
Whether you need it for your business or your personal use, a new car (or truck) from Mountain States Toyota will suit your needs and your budget.

Thanks to special programs designed specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs, Mountain States Toyota is the exclusive automotive dealer of the 2013 Small Business Drives Colorado™ campaign. 

In fact, MST has a team of three small business specialists at the ready to work closely with you to meet and surpass your expectations: Juan Casillas, Doug Morlan and Michael Ramstetter.

Put the Mountain States Toyota small business team on your team today! Phone Juan, Doug or Michael at 800-628-0982, or drop by anytime. They are located at 201 W. 70th Avenue in Denver (80221).

Mountain States Toyota - Helping Small Business Owners Drive the Colorado Economy
He First Operated His Business From A Booth At Denny's. This Year He's on the Inc. 500 and Winner of the Small Business of the Year Award

Business Colonies Are The Future of America. This Renowned Visionary Explains Why and What It Means For You
Hear Thomas Frey, Executive Director & Senior Futurist, The DaVinci Institute
Part One
Part Two 

TPM: Total Personnel Management
Commercial Construction - Energy - Hospitality - Healthcare - Technology - Manufacturing - Payroll Services - Transportation & Distribution - Temporary Employees - Contract Employees - Direct Hire
Personalized Personnel Attention

Denver - Aurora - Castle Rock - Grand Junction

Ask for Jody Audet, Kenneth Ludden, or Chris L. Tucker when you call.  
Be sure to mention Business Unconventional

Robert White
Robert White
Small Business Drives Colorado™ Honorees

Each week, three noteworthy small business owners are featured in their own 60-second radio spots that run Monday-thru-Friday on 710 KNUS AM in Denver.


The spots celebrate entrepreneurship and our Small Business Drives America™ and Small Business Drives Colorado™ campaigns.
Now Airing:

CEO, Extraordinary People

Owner & CEO, Nannyshare USA

Founder & CEO, Major Mom

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Dean Rotbart  
Dean Rotbart

Founder & Chairman

Small Business Drives America™

Phone: 855-768-2278






Host David Biondo Will Show You How To Waive 'Goodbye' To Conventional Business Lenders - He's Been Proving It's A Better Way For Almost 30 Years


We go by different titles:  OwnerEntrepreneurConsultantDoctor. LawyerFreelancerSelf-Employed.

But we share a common business oxygen: financing.

Without sufficient and affordable funds, all of us wither and eventually collapse.  Helping you to readily and efficiently find the money you need to fuel your business and its growth is one of the primary missions of Signal Butte Financial Corp. and Bank on Yourself.


This is the good news: Learning how to avoid conventional business lenders altogether is much easier than ever having to deal with them - and, as you'll discover - much more to your financial advantage.

The core principals embodied in the Bank on Yourself business-finance method date back more than a century and have withstood the test of time. 

While many business owners lost as much as 45% of their investment portfolio during the 2008 drubbing and its aftermath, for example, not a single business owner lost a penny in his or her Bank on Yourself plan, which has shown uninterrupted growth through every market crash and downturn of the past 50 years.

As David Biondo can quickly explain to you, those business owners who embrace this unique, 'unconventional,' and proven strategy, not only eliminate the need for conventional financing for their businesses, they secure and grow their personal wealth without risk or exposure to market fluctuation.

You hear David every week on the radio, interviewing and offering advice to many of Colorado's most successful business owners and entrepreneurs. Now hear what David and his company, Signal Butte Financial Corp. can do to provide you with a proven financing method that will generate wealth and security. 

Phone or email David today to schedule a zero-hassle phone consultation. David won't sell you anything.  He'll explain to you exactly how Bank on Yourself can perform for you and your business - and then you make the decision of whether it's the right approach for you.
Phone Signal Butte Financial Corp. at 303-800-6420
Email David at: [email protected]  
Hear David and Co-Host Dean Rotbart, a former Wall Street Journal columnist, talk about Signal Butte Financial Corp. and what it offers small business owners.  



This Hour of Monday Morning Radio Could Reorder Your Life: An Exclusive Briefing On Why Most Financial Advisors Suck


Garrett B. Gunderson is Author of the New York Times Bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows


[Listen and Profit Now]  


Most of what conventional financial planners tell entrepreneurs about how to grow and protect their wealth is crap.  Okay, so that's not a very polite thing to say.  But it's painfully true.  


Otherwise savvy small business owners can be totally stupid when it comes to trusting their money and investment strategies to others.  


That is a sermon that Garrett B. Gunderson - who became a multi-millionaire before age 27 - has been preaching from coast-to-coast business pulpits for years and is a core concept in his New York Times groundbreaking bestseller, Killing Sacred Cows.  


Garrett, an educator and financial advocate, is the force behind The Freedom FastTrack, a go-against-the-grain process of building and protecting your wealth that defies conventional wisdom, yet produces extraordinary results.  


On this special episode of Monday Morning Radio, produced in cooperation with Business Unconventional, Garrett unloads on commission-obsessed financial planners and explains why chasing interest rates will never produce the phenomenal wealth that comes when you chase your life's soul purpose.   


Garrett Gets Paid A Fortune As An In-Demand
Corporate Speaker and Small Business Consultant... 
But His Weekly "Freedom FastTrack Intelligence Brief" Won't Cost You A Dime  


As a Business Unconventional and Monday Morning Radio listener, you can receive a free, trial subscription to Garrett B. Gunderson's Freedom FastTrack Intelligence Brief - keeping you on the cutting edge of personal and professional financial success in less than 10 minutes a week.  


Simply visit and enter code: MMR 01.  Those who don't listen to Monday Morning Radio will just have to fork over hard cash to receive Garrett's most-exclusive insights.


Monday Morning Radio Run Time: 49 mins 37 secs 

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