MARCH 2013
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  • Gathering 2013: 
  • New Endorsers
  • New on bLOGOS 
  • Meet the new EP Endorsers


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Holy Week in New Mexico

William Penhallow Henderson, 1877-1943

Registration is Open for Gathering 2013!


Registration is finally open! Please Register Here


Workshop updates 

  • Matt Morin and Stanley Hauerwas will engage "The Abolition of War"
  • Erin Dufault-Hunter, a new friend, will offer a workshop, title TBA.
Jason Vance and Logan Mehl-Laituri will have a table with materials from the 
Centurion's Guild
  Jason is a Gathering regular and a member of Delta Christian Community Church.


July 11-13, campus of DePaul University (Lincoln Park), Chicago



Here are the names of those who have endorsed The Ekklesia Project in the last month. If you don't know what endorsing signifies, read the Declaration and Invitation of EP, or its summary as a fourfold claim 


The new Endorsers are:

Nate Dawson (Grand Rapids)

Tyson Williams (Canterbury)

Cole Chandler (Waco)

New on bLOGOS: 

"The regime...was just"

by John Jay Alvaro
"Lent is a difficult season to live into. 
mourningForty days contemplating our frail and fragile condition, giving sadness and heaviness room to breathe. This is particularly true in a culture that values positivity like it were gold. Which leaves little room for tears. Crying is for girls, or babies, not for people who are trying to keep it all together. 
 Yet this week's psalm is all weepy and emotional.The psalmist apparently has no regard for good manners or propriety. Psalm 126 reads like the interior of a manic person."
MEET THE New EP Endorsers: 
 Jon Wymer 
I'm a recent endorser of the EP and will briefly introduce myself
here. My heritage is as a third-generation preacher, following my
Independent Fundamental Baptist father and grandfather. Church has
been a journey more than a destination for me. Having had a deep
appreciation for the Bible and theological conversation from a young
age, I have moved from fundamentalism into conservative evangelicalismWymer to where I am today as a close friend to theological affinities such as paleo-orthodoxy and Radical Orthodoxy. 
I work as the solo pastor of an Evangelical Free congregation and an Army National Guard chaplain in central Nebraska, and much of what we are doing here is related to increasing biblical literacy, fostering a sense of what deep friendship looks like, and working for the church to become a servant of the broader community. My blog is I sheepishly admit my status as an "online" friend of EP, with a desire to increase involvement in the coming months and years. My primary interest in EP is that I feel an affinity to the conversations that
are taking place, and see a tremendous need to get connected to those
conversations. Bonhoeffer would be a hero for me, and I appreciate the
theology of Barth, Calvin, and Torrance.