OCTOber 2012
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It was fitting that God, for whom and through whom all things exist, in bringing many children to glory, should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect through sufferings. Hebrews 9:10
(from the epistle reading for 7 October 2012 in both the Revised Common Lectionary and the Lectionary for Mass)

New EP Endorsers: 


Again this month, we are listing the names of those who have endorsed The Ekklesia Project in the last month. If you don't know what endorsing signifies, read the Declaration and Invitation of EP, or its summary as a fourfold claim 


The new Endorsers are:

Daniel Camacho (Michigan)


New on bLOGOS
Why World Communion Sunday Is a Bad Idea
Debra Dean Murphy
Observing something called "World Communion Sunday" one day of the year communicates the idea that the Eucharist is special. But if Holy Communion really is  the Church's signature rite, if it is indeed that which makes the Church what it is, then "special" is exactly what it is not. We don't think of the air we breathe as "special," the breakfast we eat as "special." These things are gifts, of course-breath and food-but it is in their givenness, their ordinariness that they are the means for life and health.
To read the rest click here.
Christian Seasons Calendar for 2012-13 Available Now 
Christian Seasons Calendar 2012-13
Again this year our friend Ed Searcy and University Hill Congregation in Vancouver offer to focus our year with their stunning calendar which tells the story of the gospel through the narrative of scripture and the imagery of art.  Peruse or order the calendar here. For several years, many of us in The Ekklesia Project have traced our journey through the Christian year on the pages of this wonderful calendar.
Behind the Times

We publish later than usual this month, because our indefatigable editor John McFadden left it to me to send out the newsletter at its proper time (which isn't a third of the way into the month!). So, belatedly, here it is.

That got me to thinking about timing, which is nearly the point of this whole issue. The Christian Seasons Calendar invites us to recognize that our politics as Christ's church has its own time--received from God as freeing gift rather than constricting obligation. The bLOGOS posting on World Communion Sunday invites us to celebrate the ordinariness of our times of weekly worship by receiving what we could never achieve, our communion in "a power not our own." It's been a long time since we had 10 comments on a post, not all of them affirming. (Perhaps not surprising, since the blog itself  is not affirming of World Communion Sunday.) And now that the first Sunday in October is behind us, it may still be time to engage the implicit question, "what is a better idea for the divided church in a broken world than World Communion Sunday?"  So we invite you to (re)read the blog, and reflect with a comment, after the fact of World Communion Sunday perhaps, but never behind the times.

Peace, Brent Laytham