April 2015


Important Message

Mobile Friendly
Starting April 21, Google will be increasing their pressure on website owners to be ready for mobile visitors. Sites that meet Google's mobile friendly requirements will be pushed to the top of Google's search results on a mobile device searches. Websites that do not will be penalized with lower rankings - meaning potentially less traffic to your website. 


Bristol Bay Native Association
Bristol Bay Native Association The Bristol Bay Native Association maintains and promotes a strong regional organization to serve as a unified voice providing social, economic, cultural, educational opportunities and initiatives to benefit the Tribes and the Native people of Bristol Bay. 


Testimonial - Reliable Appliance

"Working with Sundog was a wonderful experience. After years of wanting to update our companies website but never having the time Sundog media took the weight off our shoulders and created a website that is better than we imagined. They customized everything to exactly how we wanted it to look and filled us in on the progress every step of the way. We have received several compliments from our customers on the website features. I would definitely recommend Sundog to anyone looking to make that step in their business."

- Logan M. Rounds, General Manager, Reliable Appliance