May 2014


Responsibilities of Owning an Email Form!

Responsibilities of Owning an Email Form!
Email forms are great! They're really one of the greatest workhorses your website can have. They not only allow you to frame the messages you want to receive from customers and clients, they also pull double-duty because they protect your email addresses from bots, harvesters and other nefarious spammers.

Sure, having a website for your business or non-profit is a wonderful way to disseminate all of the myriad facets of what you do to the world at large, but it's really your websites email form that is still, alongside phone numbers & social media, one of the most critical ways in which your customers and clients connect with you.

And, like all workhorses, they need care, feeding and attention! I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that over the last month we've not only been testing out your email forms but we've been sharing some important care & feeding instructions!


New Website for
 The Surgery Center of Fairbanks
The Surgery Center of Fairbanks has treated thousands of Interior Alaska residents with a wide range of health conditions. Specializing in outpatient surgery they are the only free standing fully dedicated outpatient surgical facility in the Fairbanks area.  


- Testimonials -

The Surgery Center of Fairbanks

"I would like to sing some praises regarding Sundog Media. They recently designed a website for my business and did a fabulous job. I have done several websites with this and other businesses over the past few years and Sundog is by far the best I have seen. There are many critical components to a successful website. I find the one that is most overlooked really is the artistic side and flow of a site. There are sites that are inviting and sites that are not and Sundog definitely understands this and designs accordingly. In addition, Sundog invested time to get to know our business and hear our story so they could better understand our needs. Finally, Sundog did a great job interacting with our business during the design process to help us customize it the way we wanted. They were professional, friendly and very responsive throughout. Highly recommended!"

- Thomas Hammond, M.D.

Mark D. Anderson & Arctic Surface Foundation´┐Ż

"Sundog Media has delivered again! Since their first design for me nearly 15 years ago, they have stayed on the leading edge of design and technology. I am delighted with both the latest WordPress site designs and the outstanding expertise they brought to bear to produce the search results that make a site "discoverable". Joe, Jeff, and all the rest of the Team continue to be a great pleasure to work with! Thank you!"

- Mark D. Anderson, consulting engineer

Traverse Alaska

"My experience with Sundog Media has made the idea of a smart, clean, user-friendly website a reality for my company. By taking the time to meet with me and figure out what kind of message I wanted to communicate, Joe and Calvin were able to efficiently craft a great site. The online collaboration system Sundog uses makes communication easy to stay on top of. I can't say enough about the responsiveness of the team and Sundog's eagerness to meet and exceed my needs. Sundog is truly a great partner to work with. By having a professional "site savvy" team in my tool box I can confidently direct my attention to the aspects of my business that I'm passionate about. I'm excited about our synergy and I'm looking forward to a rewarding, enduring relationship."

- Joe Meyer, Owner, Traverse Alaska