March 2014


Enjoying the Spring Fever!

The Sundog!

Lately these warm sunny days have been making it almost impossible for me not to get excited about another upcoming Alaskan summer! I find myself looking outside and my mind starts wandering, and then all of a sudden I find I'm planning family excursions and trips!

Our triplet boys are now 4 years old, which is hard to believe in and of itself, but they've also matured just enough since last year that I think we'll be able to handle bigger and longer adventures this summer. Last year, for the first time in about a decade, we did not go boating. So our big goal this summer is to get the good ship, Sundog off the hard and into the water! Inspired by Sundog Media's recent efforts to turn the Seldovia Native Associations website mobile friendly I have decided we will take our boat from Seward (where it's currently resting and waiting for us on blocks) to Seldovia, a good 160 mile trip, where we will do our best to catch and eat as much halibut as we can, while also storing away plenty for winter.

I'm sure each of you are also getting excited as the warmer weather returns and I just want to wish you a wonderful spring and summer and I hope you all have excellent adventures of your own!

Be safe!

- Joe Law



A responsive new look for the Seldovia Native Association!

A responsive new look for the Seldovia Native Association!
Recently, the SDM Team turned the existing website for the Seldovia Native Association into a responsively designed website so it would work and be displayed perfectly in a variety of different devices. Check out how cool it looks using our own Responsinator!


Mark D. Anderson and Arctic Surface FoundationŠ
Mark D. Anderson and Arctic Surface FoundationŠ
Mark D. Anderson, consulting engineer is a sole proprietorship licensed in Alaska, serving primarily industrial clients. Mark brings more than 30 years of structural engineering and earthquake engineering experience in Alaska to the benefit of his clients, with practical solutions to solve structural problems and to reduce earthquake risk.

The Arctic Surface FoundationŠ is a building foundation system developed by Mark for use in remote arctic locations where seasonal and long-term ground movement is possible. With only minor leveling required, the foundation system is placed either on gravel or directly upon the tundra, and then small to moderate sized buildings, modules or equipment skids are placed on top. The foundation system can be designed to accommodate a variety of contingency conditions, involving various patterns of loss of ground support, or of localized ground heaving.

For Mark's website project Sundog Media created two websites within the single and easily maintained WordPress Multisite System.

WordPress Multisite is a tool that allows a collection of websites to be networked under just one WordPress installation. Think of it like a parent and their many children.

Have a look at both of the websites:


We've finished construction on Mass Excavation, Inc.'s, new website!
Mass Excavation, Inc.
Mass Excavation, Inc. provides residential, commercial and industrial site development, building site improvements and public works services. They are a civil contractor capable of providing their customers with the depth of experience to take a project from initial concept stage to final completion.


Testimonial -
Seldovia Native Association

"Working with Sundog has been (and continues to be) a blast. The team is professional, responsive, listens carefully to really engage and comprehend what we were envisioning, and best of all - fun to work with. We recently moved to migrate our website over to become more mobile user-friendly which also helped provide a quick face lift to the site. My communication with Sundog Media was great. It didn't just feel like a customer-client relationship, it was more like we were a team - every step of the way was a joint effort and everything went smoothly. No one was out of the loop and everyone stayed on the same page, which made the entire project a piece of cake. They were efficient and delivered timely. I can't wait to see what else the Sundog Media Team can do for us. I look forward to working with them on more projects in the future!"

- Janelle McIntyre, Executive Assistant, Seldovia Native Association