We Launched Bering Sea Fishermen's Association

In 1979, western Alaska commercial fisheries leaders established the Bering Sea Fishermen's Association to give the subsistence and commercial fishermen a voice in the sustainability and development of Bering Sea and western Alaska fishery resources. 


We're adding automatic link checking to our bundle of services!

Broken links on a website are obviously bad. We've all encountered them. We visit a website, we click one of their links, and we're either taken nowhere or to an error page. How frustrating! It doesn't build confidence in what that website is trying to provide as a service does it? And nine times out of ten, we don't take the time to tell the website folks that they have a problem, we simply leave their website with a bad experience and move on to another hopefully better website. Imagine that this is happening to visitors on your website. Scary thought, yes? Now imagine that one of the top search engines is spidering your website, and they find a bad link. Do you know what happens? The spider stops and reports back that your site has broken links. That's just not good is it?


We Launched Plastic Surgeons of Alaska

Their office is dedicated to the belief that patient education is essential in providing quality care. Understanding the available treatment options and possible complications allows their patients to make informed decisions about which treatment is best and who may be best qualified to provide that treatment. 


Testimonial -
Plastic Surgeons of Alaska

"Whether creating a website from scratch, or converting from an existing site, the process can be a daunting task. Based upon our review of the websites in their portfolio, we chose Sundog Media to handle our conversion. However, it wasn't until we started working with Joe and the Sundog Media staff that we began to really know the creativity and expertise they bring to a development project. From the initial meeting with Joe, through the design, development, and implementation, we were fortunate to work with experts in all aspects and phases of the project. We recently went live with our conversion and are very pleased with the project outcome, as well as our decision to use Sundog Media."

- John Cole, Business Manager, Plastic Surgeons of Alaska