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Snowbirding & Tough Muddering


Joe with his Beach Boys
Joe with his Beach Boys
When I share with folks what I do for a living one of the most frequent comments I get is, "You could do that from anywhere!" Yep, that's one of the blessings of my work, and let's be honest, what Alaskan does not dream of occasionally enjoying a couple winter months wearing shorts and a pair of flip flops?

Well the whole Law family is back from our attempts at being snowbirds and I thought I'd take a moment and share some of our experiences. First off, I think a true "snowbird" is actually retired. They don't need to work for a living and raise 5 boys, right? Thought so. I'm many years away from truly being a snowbird then! So for us non-snowbirds it was - how can we combine a family trip, a crazy Tough Mudder race, go somewhere for an extended time, where I can still work, Cathy can home school, and most importantly how could we avoid pulling our hair out or going completely nuts?

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WordPress Multisite for Olgoonik Family of Websites

Olgoonik Family of Websites

Olgoonik is a strong family of government and commercial contracting companies. Besides a totally new redesign we've integrated several of their companies into the WordPress Multisite System! WordPress Multisite is a tool that allows a collection of websites to be networked under just one WordPress installation. Think of it like a parent and their many children.

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Website Redesign for the Alaska eHealth Network

Alaska eHealth Network

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Website Conversion from HTML to WordPress for Alaska Vein Clinic

Alaska Vein Clinic

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