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Doyon Drilling Inc.

Happy New Year!

The website is GREAT! I really appreciated working with you guys on was an excellent experience.


Milferd Hill, PHR
Human Resources Manager
Doyon Drilling, Inc.

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We've updated our Mission!
When you have a moment or two we invite you to read our new Mission page

Northern Land Use Research

Joe and Jeff,

The website looks great. Thanks for all the work you all have done. We appreciate it very much.


Josh Reuther
Northern Land Use Research

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A Psalm For You
I will thank the LORD because he is just; I will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.
Psalm 7:17


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Before & After - working out with Sundog Media!


Before & After - working out with Sundog Media! I happen to workout with a couple of really fit guys and when it comes to optimum body types it has been pointed out that I am the before body type of the group while they, of course, are the after bodies! So as I spent time on the stair-stepper recently I was struck by the parallels between getting that before and after body with how Sundog Media is also in the business of before and after. We love to take out of shape websites and give them a good workout - turning them into perfect website specimens that'll turn heads and make their owners proud to display to the world!

If only there was a wonderful magic pill to do it for us, right? You know the one I'm talking about - you take it right before bed with a dish or three of ice cream and you magically loose weight and tone up while you're sleeping. I know I'm not the only one wishing for that! But sadly, as we know all too well, attaining a perfect body, or a perfect website for that matter, isn't as easy as swallowing a pill - you have to start with some hearty goals and then follow through with them - hard work and all!

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Website for Doyon Drilling, Inc.

Doyon Drilling Inc.

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WordPress Conversion for Northern Land Use Research

Northern Land Use Research

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WordPress Conversion for Drake Construction

Drake Construction

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