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Sundog Media's Mailing Address Change
Important Notice: Mailing Address Change
We have not moved but we are no longer using our Post Office box and will, once again, be receiving all mailing correspondence at our home office address:

Sundog Media
5033 Sillary Circle
Anchorage, AK 99508

Thank you for making a note of this with your Accounts Payable persons.


A Psalm For You
I love your sanctuary, LORD, the place where your glorious presence dwells.
Psalm 26:8


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We're joining forces with Sucuri Security in 2013!


Sucuri Security We are excited to announce that we are working with a company called Sucuri Security to assist us with continuous website monitoring for malware, blacklisting, and many other important security services for our WordPress websites.

As you know, WordPress is the premier website content management system and it's part of our ongoing security process to not only regularly review our security systems, but always to be on the look out for ways of improving it. Sucuri is going to help us consistently stay on top of protecting your WordPress website.

We have already installed the Sucuri plugin/system on test sites and we will be adding this increased security measure to all of our hosted WordPress sites in early 2013.


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Another Sundog Sighting!

Another Sundog Sighting! It has been one of the colder Falls I can remember here in Alaska but one of the benefits of the cold clear weather has been many "Sundog" sightings. Here is one captured just after my meeting with

In case you did not know what a Sundog is, here is a link to the definition -

Merry Christmas :-)

- Joe Law
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