Mina is no stranger to overcoming her fears.


When she lost her office job a year ago, Mina took the opportunity to seize a long-time dream and opened a gymnastics studio for children. Though she had plenty of experience coaching, it was her first time operating her own business.


Mina opened Prospect Gymnastics in the backroom of a guitar studio. It was less than 100 square feet. While she was able to serve a small client base, Mina knew she needed a new space and equipment to fulfill her dream. She turned to CAMBA for help in growing her business.


"Mina is a visionary. From early on I could tell she was going to succeed," explained Isaac Roldan, Director of Small Business Services at CAMBA. Isaac registered Mina in "Mobilize Your Business" - a boot camp for new entrepreneurs learning the ropes of business management. Within a short period of time, Mina learned how to create a business plan and keep track of her finances. She secured the funds to move Prospect Gymnastics to a larger space with the help of CAMBA. Yet Mina still needed to purchase equipment and build her credit history.  


"She was making money and was growing quickly, but had been operating for under a year. It was beyond what CAMBA could do for her, but I knew that Accion would be the perfect partner to develop her business further." said Isaac.  


Mina received a $10,000 loan from Accion which allowed her to purchase equipment and take on more students. Prospect Gymnastics recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. In this short time, Mina has created a space for children to learn and grow, and for families to spend time together. The weekly playtime sessions, birthday parties and holiday events she hosts are a testament to the sense of community that Mina has fostered.




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