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May 16, 2015 

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CRCG has booked the famous UNDERWATER DOGS photographer Seth Casteel.  Book a session to get unforgettable images of your dogs swimming underwater. 

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Neurological Care and Rehabilitation

Check out Ella's progress

CRCG offers a range of services to help dogs and cats that are experiencing or were born with neurologic issues.

See below for Ella's story


Ella's Story
Neurological Case Study

Ella is a 9-year-old FS chocolate lab that had an IVDD event at T12-T13 in June 2014. Within 48 hrs of the event, Ella had a left hemilaminectomy. She has been severely paraparetic since June, using only her forelimbs for walking. Her owners purchased a wheelchair to help her get around.

When we first saw Ella, she had severely atrophied hindlimb muscles and delayed reflexes in her left hindlimb. Her right hindlimb reflexes were normal. Both limbs exhibited very strong extensor tone. Her shoulder muscles were very tense and hypertrophied. She suffered from frequent urinary tract infections due to upper motor neuron bladder complications. She was able to maintain a standing position if we placed her hindlimbs for her, but only for approximately 15 seconds before falling over.  More info >>
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