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New Indoor Playground OPEN
Join us for playtime in our new climate-controlled playground! Or come for fun, easy-to-follow canine fit exercises.
My Furry Valentine
Sun. 2/8

Join us for at Tagawa Gardens for pet gifts, Valentine's Day photos, cakes and jellies for sale and more fun, all benefitting YAPS, the Youth and Pet Survivors program
Biggest Loser Winner
Lucy Biggest Loser Winner

Lucy is the winner of our k9 Biggest Loser Contest! Weighing in at 69lbs at the beginning of the contest, Lucy is now a healthier 45lbs!  Read Lucy's Story>>


Arthritis Management
Arthritis Management

Osteoarthritis is common amongst both dogs and people-it's one of the things about which we can commiserate with our furry companions. Put simply, "osteoarthritis" means "bony joint inflammation." Just like in people, arthritis is the result of bony changes within joints; once the cartilaginous "brake pads" have worn down, bone grinds on bone, resulting in microtrauma, inflammation, and pain. This, then, often leads to decreased use of limbs, muscle wasting, and immobility.

Perhaps because we can relate to the woes of arthritis, it is a common thing for vets to address at any given appointment. If improperly managed, arthritis can lead to premature euthanasia due to extreme discomfort. Here are the basics for managing arthritis in your dog to help ensure a long, happy life. Read more here>>

Meet Noah
Meet Noah
Fetching More Out of Life

Noah is a 9 year old retriever mix who was brought in to see us because of such severe arthritis in his one of his carpi (wrists) that he was completely non-weight-bearing in that limb (he was holding it up when he walked).  He needed to be on two pain medications and was still uncomfortable in that wrist.  We started with gentle manual therapy to help increase the production and flow of joint fluid which lubricates the joint and improves its health and comfort. 

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Help 'em Up Harness

The Endurapet Mobility Plus+ gives relief for pet arthritis pain and inflammation.The Help 'em Up harness offers complete support and assistance lifting your dog. ToeGrips are made of natural nonslip material that grips the floor in a way dog toenails cannot.