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NEW Indoor Playground 
Opening Mid Jan!
We are excited to open our new indoor playground! Join us for open or reserved play time. 
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Drop-in Classes
$20 Total Dog Fit Classes
Join us for $20 Total Dog drop in classes. Work on the basics, balance and your bond with your furry family member.

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Importance of Rehab
The Importance of Rehab

If your dog is young, old, post-operative, or arthritic, it might be time to consider canine rehabilitation. Essentially physical therapy for dogs, canine rehab can help with many different doggy afflictions. People often are surprised to hear that rehab is an option for their own dog, and we are frequently asked how rehab works or why someone should consider it for their furry companion.  Read full article here.
Meet Bogey
Meet Bogey
Fetching More Out of Life

Bogey is a young, energetic, active dog who partially tore his ACL in his knee.  He originally came to us with a mild lameness that had improved with rest, but recurred every time his owners tried to allow more activity.  We started his rehab sessions with therapeutic laser and cryotherapy to decrease pain and inflammation in his knee.

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