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Informational Article
Canine Arthritis
Arthritis. At one point in time, we have heard that word either for ourselves or for our four legged companions. This condition can be seen in any joint from head to tip of the tail. But what exactly does that word mean? In studying many definitions for arthritis, the consensus is that it is inflammation of a joint, loss of joint cartilage, and bony changes that result from the first two situations.

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May 2014
Dear CRCG Friends,

Happy May & Mother's Day! Hope all the mothers out there are feeling appreciated; today, and every day. 

In honor of Arthritis Awareness Month, we have a great article about Canine Arthritis written by our very own Medical Director, Dr. Kristyn Richardson.

We also have a great event coming up this summer, so save the date for this fun carnival fundraiser! 
CRCG News & Upcoming Events
Leaving Longmont -- As of April 31st, we will no longer have our Longmont location inside Aspen Meadows.  We are sad to go and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this causes. Please remember we are still full service in Broomfield and hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us call.

Haven't yet made it to our Puppy Swim Socialization? We have one coming up! Join us for some fun puppy swimming. 
Next class: May 28th, 
6:30-7:30pm. More Info >>

F.E.T.C.H The Dock Days of Summer, June 28th! Save the date for this family-friendly carnival style fundraiser for Maxfund Shelter with games, beer, food, DockDog Trials, prizes, k9 massages, nail trims, microchipping, fun contests, adoptable dogs, & more! 
Fetching More Out Of Life
Meet Dr. Kristyn

Dr. Kristyn Richardson has been with CRCG since 2009.  She is the Medical Director and is in charge of clinical vision, leadership and directionHer skill set includes veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, rehabilitation, natural supplements and nutritional counseling.  She is an integral part of the CRCG team and we are honored to have her. 

Dr. Richardson graduated in 1998 from the University of Kansas with a BA in Human Biology and Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. After graduation, she pursued a practice in emergent and critical care medicine in Indianapolis, IN. After 3 years, she pursued an education in rehabilitation and began to care for geriatric, post-operative and neurologic patients. Kristyn moved to Colorado in 2007 and continued practicing rehabilitation and critical care, pursuing further knowledge in the realm of rehabilitation. Kristyn started working with CRCG in 2009 and in 2010, she dedicated her full attention to rehabilitation and other alternative therapies. She is currently finishing her certification in acupuncture from IVAS, and has interest in herbal therapy, chiropractic as an adjunct or alternative for those patients that are in need.  Dr. Richardson resides in Lyons, CO with her husband Marcus, two sons Simon and Nathan, and dogs Kamoe and Kaytra. 
"I fetch more out of life by enjoying those around me, helping my patients to succeed and being aware of the beauty in this world through pictures, words, and nature."
CRCG All-Star
Yukon's Success Story

Yukon, an 11-year-old husky, first came to CRCG in July of 2013 for elbow and shoulder osteoarthritis and hind limb weakness.  During his visits, he enjoys walking in the underwater treadmill, has laser therapy to decrease pain in his spine and hips, and targets strengthening his core and rear limbs through in-clinic exercises. Yukon's 5-year-old energetic younger brother, Bandit, likes to join in on the treadmill next to him for conditioning and moral support.  


Both Yukon and Bandit 

love their Saturday excursions to CRCG and are pleasantly tired after their appointments. Today, Yukon has strength and energy when running around at home on his family's property. Yukon, you are an all-star!! And Bandit, you rock too! 


We hope you have a wonderful Month of May, and are continuously enjoying and appreciating those around you! 
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