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Osteoarthritis in Your Pet
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Fetching More Out Of Life
February Special
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Is your geriatric dog starting to lose strength? Get started with physical therapy before muscle mass is lost. Hydrotherapy could be the best thing you've ever given your older dog--a better quality of life.
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Educational Article
Understanding Osteoarthritis
In Your Pet
Osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the most common medical problems in senior pets and the most common cause of chronic pain in dogs.  It is a multi-factorial disease, which involves not only the cartilage, but also all of the other structures within a joint.  Although we think of OA as primarily affecting middle-aged to older, large-breed dogs, it can actually occur in any breed and any age of animal, including cats.  There is a connection between OA and obesity, and overweight animals often show more severe clinical signs than those at a proper weight.  This is due not only to... 
Help 'Em Up Harness
Sold & Fitted at CRCG

 A complete shoulder and hip harness system that literally lifts the lives of aging or recovering dogs. By placing a pair of handles where you can quickly reach them, this unique dog harness allows you to lend support any time. 
Deserving Dog Food
Now Sold at CRCG!
The fresh, wholesome food made by Deserving Dog is very different from what comes in the form of kibble from the large producers. Take a look, and even better, a smell and you will quickly realize that this is NOT 'dog food'. And yes, you could safely and enjoyably put it on your own plate, especially if you add a little salt and pepper.
Sold at CRCG
The GingerLead is a soft, padded belly sling with a leash and handle to help dogs with weak hind legs walk. Ideal for dogs recovering from knee or hip surgery, dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy or other debilitating ailments, or older dogs needing some assistance getting around.
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February 2014

We have lots of exciting news for you this month! We have new memberships available, a few great events, a wonderful article written by our very own Dr. Amanda, and ... Seth Casteel is returning to our Broomfield pool! 
Upcoming Events

Club FETCH is now available at our Englewood location! Come in to check it out, or visit our Club webpage   
In addition to our recreational swim membership program, we are now also offering a new Fitness and Conditioning Membership! If you have an athlete dog or a dog that could use to get in shape, check out our new Club FETCH Fit Membership

     Feb. 22nd @ CRCG Broomfield
Learn how to perform CPR on your canine companion--it could save a life.
     Mar. 1st @ D Note, Arvada, CO
Benefit concert and silent auction for the volunteer-run and 100% donation funded West Arvada Dog Park. Music by SoHo Band, silent auction, and door prizes.

Mar. 29th @ CRCG Broomfield
Seth Casteel, world renowned underwater dog photographer, will be back to our CRCG Broomfield pool to take more photos of pool-enthused dogs and puppies! Give us a call to set up an appointment 303-762-SWIM
Fetching More Out Of Life & CRCG's All-Star
Meet Dr. Amanda & 
CRCG All-Star Blue Bear

2014 marks my third year practicing canine rehabilitation and I am still learning new things every day.  Although I spend my days helping our animal friends fetch more out of life through rehabilitation, it is only recently that I have personally experienced rehabilitation for an injury of my own.  Early last year, I sustained a hip injury and was presented the options of surgery immediately, or trying physical therapy.  I chose to try PT first, so my physical therapist and I developed a plan for an integrated approach to pain management, resolving the compensatory issues I have developed and re-strengthening my whole body.  I am happy to say that PT has improved my pain level immensely and that with a continued strengthening program I hope to fetch more out of life this year by returning to my favorite activities of yoga, hiking and rock climbing. 


Additionally, I hope to continue developing my skills in one of my favorite aspects of the job - helping our geriatric friends fetch more out of life as they age and
develop the problems common to older animals.  One of my favorite geriatric success stories is that of Blue Bear, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  I first met Blue Bear last spring when he was 13 years old and had had such a decline in mobility due to arthritis that his human companions were concerned he was nearing the end.  Blue Bear started a rehabilitation regimen similar to mine - acupuncture, laser therapy, and short swims in the endless pool for strengthening and improving joint mobility - and responded very well.  I am happy to report that Blue Bear just celebrated his 14th birthday with some of his favorite things: an assisted swim in our Broomfield recreational pool and playing in the snow. Rehabilitation has helped us both fetch more of life this past year and I hope will continue to throughout the new year!   
Have a wonderful month! And as always, stay healthy, happy, and fetch more out of life!
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