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Swimming vs Hydrotherapy
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Fetching More Out Of Life
January Special
Start 2014 Right! 
$75 Fitness Exam 
Fitness/Conditioning plans help to keep your dog in shape, perform better and reduce injuries. 
New membership rates available for fitness/ conditioning clients. More info here... 
Valid through 2.10.14
Educational Article
Swimming vs. Hydrotherapy
At our facilities, recreational swimming is for healthy dogs that enjoy water and are able to swim without assistance. Hydrotherapy is used for a variety of reasons including recovery from surgery, chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, obesity or weight management, or sports conditioning.  
Endura Pet Herbal 
Ear Wash
Sold at CRCG
Treat and soothe yeast infections, fungal infections and other pet ear health woes with this sweet-smelling organic ear wash for dogs and cats. 
Myristin Joint & Hip Formula
Sold at CRCG
Myristin Special Canine Formula tablets are chewable and highly palatable, with all-natural bacon flavoring. It has been found to work as a lubricant, a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory and an immune system modulator.
Mobility Plus
Sold at CRCG
Relief for pet arthritis pain and inflammation:
Dog arthritis, Joint pain, Canine hip dysplasia, Luxating patellas in dogs, Cat arthritis, Other pet mobility problems...
All with our natural and effective pet joint supplement.
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January 2014

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your friends, family and furry pals! 

In this episode of the CRCG Newsletter we have upcoming events, information about Club FETCH, a great January Special, and some wonderful stories about CRCG staff and clients! 
Upcoming Events
Club FETCH has begun! Come in to check it out, or visit our new Club webpage.

     Jan. 18th @ CRCG Broomfield
     Feb. 22nd @ CRCG Broomfield
Learn how to perform CPR on your canine companion--it could save a life.
     Feb. 9th @ Tagawa Garden Center, Centennial, CO
Valentine Fundraiser for Youth And Pet Survivors with entertainment and fun for you and your dog.
CRCG All-Star
Hank's Success Story
Hank first came to see us in 2012 for a partial ACL tear caused by a sports injury. He did weekly rehabilitation for 5 months where he received laser treatments, supplements, massage, stretches and exercised in the underwater treadmill (he loved getting peanut butter in the treadmill!).  Our goals for Hank's rehab included decreasing pain and lameness in his back leg, increasing stability and muscle mass, and a longterm goal of avoiding surgery so that he could continue to hike with his parents.
Along with his therapy, he did an at home exercise program and was able to avoid surgery and has since been doing well! Hank now makes regular visits to CRCG for recreational swims. He continues to take vacations in the mountains with his family to visit his dog friends and hike 14ers. He also takes occasional vacations to California, where is an accomplished body surfer!

Way to go, Hank, you're an All-Star!
Fetching More Out Of Life
Meet Becky

2013 was a wonderful year for me and my family and we are planning on making 2014 even better. Our oldest dog Spanky just turned thirteen and is starting to show some classic signs of aging. He's slower to rise, he's been slipping on our hardwoods, and in general more sedentary. I plan on bringing him into the clinic weekly for hydrotherapy, strengthening exercises, laser and manual/massage techniques. I am confident this will help him fetch more out of life! Watch our website and Facebook page for updates on Spanky.

     This past summer our Australian Shepherd, Frank, received his therapy dog certification through the HABIC program. Shortly after, we added another two-legged member to our family and therapy visits got postponed. Both Frank and I are anxious to start up nursing home and hospice facility visits. This combined with some sheep-herding lessons in the spring will help us get more fetch out of life in 2014.

     I'm personally going to get more fetch out of life in the new year by continuing the new human strength training program I've recently started. This will help keep me limber and strong to carry on crawling around and training with our four-legged clients at CRCG! 


We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are starting the new year off well! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
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