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September 2013

Summer continues to hang on, but we know that fall isn't far away.  The days get cooler, the nights get longer, and the leaves start to fall.  It's back to school season and September brings a busy event season for us. We hope to see you around town! 
Stop and see us this month:
September 7: K9 First Aid Class @ CRCG Broomfield
September 13: Celebration of the Human-Animal Bond Connection @ CRCG Broomfield
September 14-15: Seth Casteel Photo Shoot @ CRCG Broomfield 
September 21: Broomfield Days
September 25: CRCG Puppy Socialization and Swim Class @ CRCG Broomfield
September 28: Dachtoberfest
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And just a reminder that if you refer a friend to CRCG, you'll receive a $10 credit to your account!  Make sure your friend gives us your name on the intake form so we can apply the credit.  Refer often and reap the benefits.  Client referrals are the highest form of praise and we don't take them lightly. 
Seth Casteel - Underwater Puppies Casting Call!

Friday, September 13 - Starts at 2 p.m.

Sunday, September 15 - Starts at 3 p.m.


There is NO cost for this event, but puppy parents will have the option of purchasing prints if photos are taken.



Puppies of all breeds and mixed breeds age 8-16 weeks in good health

Must show a great confidence in the world  (no shy or anxious puppies, please)

No Swimming Experience Required


*If your puppy has previous swimming experience and has already SUBMERGED his or her face for a sinking toy, please let us know. This is fantastic news and we will definitely want to work with your puppy! 


Interested?  Please RSVP to  We will contact you to answer any questions and get you scheduled. 

Medial Shoulder Instability 


Excerpted from an April 2013 article in
Dogleggs Shoulder Stabiliation System

Veterinary Medicine

By: Wendy Baltzer, DVM, PhD, DACVS


Some of the most common injuries in sporting dogs involve the shoulder. This is especially true in agility dogs.  One common shoulder problem is medial shoulder instability.


Medial glenohumeral joint laxity, or medial shoulder instability, may be a frequent but underdiagnosed cause of forelimb lameness in athletic dogs.  Definitive diagnosis of medial shoulder instability is based on MRI or arthroscopic visualization of the subscapularis tendon, medial glenohumeral ligament, and medial joint capsule pathology.  The weightbearing lameness seen with this instability is often intermittent and occurs after physical activity.


Numerous treatment methods have been reported, including conservative management with hobbles and cage rest, thermal capsulorrhaphy, prosthetic medial ligament repair, biceps brachii tendon transposition, and subscapularis tendon imbrication.  Conservative management has been reported to have a good to excellent outcome in 25% of dogs, whereas surgical treatment has improved outcomes, with 85% to 93% of dogs attaining good or better function.  However, after surgery, some dogs may have continued lameness.  Rehabilitation may improve function and performance after recovery from surgery.


A thorough physical examination and an investigation of intermittent lameness in sports dogs early in the course of their disease can prolong their athletic careers and may even improve performance.  If your dog is exhibiting symptoms or is recovering from surgery, our practitioners can help!

September Special 
Englewood Pass $70

Broomfield Pass $110
Recreational Swim Special
10-Visit Pass

Makes a great holiday gift!

Call us at 303-762-7946 or email 
at with any questions.
Offer Expires 10/5/2013.    Not valid for reserved swim
Don't miss our fun and informative evening

Friday, September 13th - Starting at 5pm

We have pulled together an exciting evening of events with presentations by: Canine Dimensions, Philip Tedeschi and Seth Casteel (presentation and book signing).  This evening will benefit  Canine Companions for Independence (CCI).  CCI will be present to answer questions about their program.   Donations will be accepted.


Come early, starting at 5p, to meet local animal businesses and the  Code 3 Associates' Big Animal Rescue Truck (BART) will be open for tours.


Food and drinks (Beer/Wine) will be served.  No charge for the event.  Donations accepted.


More Information 


Register for the event here.  


Meet the Staff 
Andrea Rose, CVT, Rehabilitation Assistant

Andrea enjoys working with people and animals. She has been fascinated by animals for most of her life and is a certified veterinary technician. She has lived in Colorado since 1998 and has called it home ever since she visited it for the first time. She enjoys organic gardening, hiking and biking. When time permits, Andrea volunteers to help homeless reptiles.


Andrea has a particular soft spot for special needs and senior animals and shares her home with several of them, including a one-winged bird and a three-footed rabbit.   Andrea became interested in rehabilitation and physical therapy after seeing the incredible benefits offered during the treatment of arthritis and a spine disorder in her dog.




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