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August 2013
Summer is flying by!  Thanks to friends old and new for including us in your plans.
Here's what's going on this month:
August 17: Denver Pet Expo
August 24: Stymie B-day Splash - Benefit for Stymie Canine Cancer Foundation
August 28: CRCG Puppy Socialization and Swim Class @ CRCG Broomfield
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Seth Casteel Photo Shoot Slots Available!
September 14 - 15, 2013 -  Contact us to schedule your session today. 303-762-7946 or  Details for the session can be found on our website @ Seth's photo shoot details. 

The Hip Flexor (Iliopsoas Strain)

The iliopsoas, or hip flexor, is the major muscle that allows the dog to move his leg up toward his abdomen. In a dog with a strain, you will often see a shortened stride on that side, especially at the trot, as the dog cannot comfortably move his leg as far forward as he normally would. The dog may not want to completely extend his legs behind him, because stretching like that hurts. Often, affected dogs will not bear weight equally behind while standing, putting the lion's share of weight on the uninjured side. In some performance dogs, the first symptoms are vague: popping out of weave poles or dropping bars behind, even if the dog looks sound on the flat.


Often an agility injury resulting from dogs running, jumping, and changing directions at high speed, it is also seen in dogs who fall or splay out their hind legs on a slippery floor or ice. It can also be seen secondary to a knee injury, so an affected dog's knee should be thoroughly examined and x-rayed to make sure there is no primary problem there. 


As in human athletes, soft tissue injuries take a long time and a lot of effort to get to heal. The first order of business is strict rest. No running, no jumping, no fun. Regular treatments with a cold laser can be beneficial.  Cold laser helps increase circulation and reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and speed healing. It's useful for soft tissue injuries like a groin pull, but it is also helpful for arthritis and wound healing.


But by far, the largest and most important part of this treatment is an at-home exercise program that is expanded and intensified as treatment progresses. With improvement,  strength-building exercises are added to help build core muscles both to help healing and to help protect against future injuries.


Unfortunately, iliopsoas injuries frequently become chronic problems. Whether it's a small bit of scar tissue left behind, or a simple predisposition to the injury, it is not uncommon for a dog who has had this injury once to have it again in the future.  

August Special 
Recreational Swim Discount

Bring in this coupon and receive $3 off your recreational swim.
Call us at 303-762-7946 or email 
at with any questions.
Offer Expires 9/5/2013.  Must have this coupon to redeem.  One per household.  Not valid with pkgs.
Canine CPR class
K9 First Aid Class
September 7, CRCG Broomfield - 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Learn to save the life of your dog during an emergency and spend a weekend with Paramedic Eric" Odie" Roth. Come have some fun and let Eric teach you all about K9 First aid and CPR in this fun and informative 4 hour class held at CRCG's Broomfield location. You will use actual Canine CPR manikins and preform "mouth to snout" breathing and compressions. The class content covers over 20 First Aid items including: first aid kits, torn pads, dog fights, seizures, broken bones, electrical injuries, muzzling, and bleeding control and appropriate restraining of an injured animal. There is special attention to choking, bloat, and poisons. There are several hands on type skills and the relaxed open format is very conducive for learning. Since the material is paramedic-based, you can even use your new found skills on humans (if you want to) that is. During class each person gets a class participation packet, and has the option of purchasing a pet first aid certificate for an additional $5. The card is valid for life, and with the card, students may take the class at no charge anytime in the future. For more class information and to register please visit this link.

Eric has worked in the fire service for over 18 years and as a 911 Paramedic for over 10. He has taught over 900 people this class in the past three years and has recently published a book "K9 Medic" that will be released this fall.

My interest in fine art photography started back in the days of film cameras and darkrooms when I earned a B.A. in Fine Art. After that, I was an art director for 20+ years at companies ranging from advertising agencies, an international children's book publisher and Girl Scouts of Colorado.

My late dog, Sammy, sparked my passion with pet photography. He was a goofy, yellow lab who just begged to be photographed. Before long, I found myself taking more and more photos of dogs. I love capturing their sweet personalities and the human-animal connection.

The past 16 years my husband and I have enjoyed living in the South Bonnie Brae neighborhood. We walk our golden retriever, Murphy, around Washington Park daily. I'm inspired by everything from the flagstone sidewalks to the gorgeous gardens. You may recognize familiar landmarks in many of my photos.

Nothing makes me happier than capturing the personalities of your pets in a beautiful photo! 
Capture your pet's personality in a custom photo. Call 720-238-3337 to book a photo session. 
Fun and unique gift idea!
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