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July 2013
Hot enough for ya?  Stop by and see us for a doggie cool-down swim.  You will cool off via the splashback method.  Everyone's happy!
Here's what's going on this month:
July 9: Intermediate Classes/Doggy High School @ CRCG Englewood offered through A Wagging Success
July 17: Basic Manners and Obedience/Puppy Kindergarten Class @ CRCG Englewood offered through A Wagging Success
July 24: CRCG Puppy Socialization and Swim Class @ CRCG Broomfield
And just a reminder that if you refer a friend to CRCG, you'll receive a $10 credit to your account!  Make sure your friend gives us your name on the intake form so we can apply the credit.  Refer often and reap the benefits.  Client referrals are the highest form of praise and we don't take them lightly. 
Seth Casteel Back in September!
Yes, it's official!  Seth Casteel will be back this fall for more underwater photo sessions!!!
September 14 - 15, 2013 >> Don't miss a chance for your dog to work with Seth for an unforgettable and priceless photo of your dog.   Contact us to schedule your session today. 303-762-7946 or  Details for the session can be found on our website @ Seth's photo shoot details.

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Canine Obesity and Weight Management



According to the 2013 Banfield State of Pet Health Report, the rate of overweight and obese pets has reached epidemic levels in the United States, affecting approximately 1 in 4 dogs and cats. And while Colorado residents may be among the fittest in the nation, our dogs do not share that attribute. Colorado's dogs suffer from obesity at a rate of 28 cases per 100, which puts us above the national average of 21. We are loving our dogs into an early grave. Obesity in and of itself puts your dog's health at risk, but extra weight is linked to other serious conditions such as arthritis, heart, respiratory problems and diabetes.


So how do you know if your dog is overweight or obese? Key signs of an "overweight" body condition:

  • Pet's ribs, spine and hip bones are barely detectable when touched
  • A defined waist cannot be seen
  • Belly fat is readily noticeable
  • Lower ability to engage in normal activity
  • Difficulty breathing, particularly when active

How to manage excess weight & obesity:

  • Decrease your dog's calories and increasing their activity
  • Regular checkups and nutritional counseling with a veterinarian to determine if the excess weight gain is due to, or a sign of an underlying disease
  • Diets specially formulated for weight loss

CRCG can help! Our  weight management program will provide you with the tools to help your dog exercise safely and within its tolerance levels. We work with your primary veterinarian to ensure a joint approach. Call us to get more information about what we can do for your pet. 

July Special
Weight Loss Program Evaluation
$50 off weight management evaluation
Weight Loss Program Evaluation

Schedule your weight loss program evaluation today
Call us at 303-762-7946 or email at
Offer Expires 08/06/2013. 
Meet the Staff
Ashley Snodgress
Ashley graduated in 2007 from the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage with a certificate in Canine Massage Therapy. She has been in the pet industry for 9 years and can't think of anywhere else she'd rather be. Ashley was born and raised in Colorado. She loves photography and is currently working on her second book in her spare time. She enjoys spending time in the mountains and being outdoors. Ashley resides in Westminster with her boyfriend, his two daughters, their cat Lucy, and her chihuahua, Ren.
Sky Heartsong
Interested in Animal Communication?

Some of you may have met our friend Sky Heartsong at one of CRCG's events.  She has a new website where you can find out about her and the wonderful services she provides.  She has been a great friend to us and our own animals, we know she'll be a friend to yours, too.

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