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May 2013
The snow may or may not be behind us now, but ready or not, event season is underway!
Stop by and see us at this month's events, we'd love to see you.
DDFL's Furry Scurry - May 4th @ Washington Park
Maxfund's Lucky Mutt Strut - May 11th @ Cheesman Park
Seth Casteel Photo Shoot - May 18th/19th @ CRCG Broomfield
And just a reminder that if you refer a friend to CRCG, you'll receive a $10 credit to your account!  Make sure your friend gives us your name on the intake form so we can apply the credit.  Refer often and reap the benefits.  Client referrals are the highest form of praise and we don't take them lightly. 
Seth Casteel - Underwater Dog Photography
   Underwater DOGS
Don't Forget, Seth Casteel is Coming
May 18th and 19th to CRCG Broomfield!
CRCG has booked the famous Underwater DOGS photographer Seth Casteel.  Book a session to get some unforgettable images of your dog underwater.  You will treasure these unique images for a lifetime. 
Only 10 slots remain so book your slot today!  To book - Call us at 303-762-7946 or click here to sign up today....more details here.... 
Seth Casteel Photo Session
May Offer

Tell us what a session with Seth Casteel for your dog would mean to you on our Seth Casteel Facebook post and you will be entered to win a FREE session. 
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Offer Expires 05/15/2013. See CRCG website for session details ($350 non-cash value).
Benefits of Rehabilitation for Arthritic Dogs   

As dogs live longer, arthritis is becoming more of a health issue. Managing everyday activities like getting up and down stairs, getting up from the floor or getting into the car can become difficult.  This can progress to constant pain due to joint deterioration. Physical rehabilitation can help with managing this pain, maintaining muscle strength and joint health in the arthritic dog. 

There are two factors rehabilitation therapists look at when managing arthritic clients:

1. Joint Biomechanics and Function - A joint moving as freely as possible and with normal mechanics is not as prone to boney and cartilage changes and is less painful.

2. Muscle Strength - Muscle strength is important for adequate support of the joint structures.

Gentle range of motion for arthritic clients is crucial. If the range of motion is restricted, the joint can't move normally, causing stress on the cartilage. Stretches without force help to increase the joint flexibility and stimulate synovial fluid (joint oil) production, therefore reducing pain.


Maintaining muscle strength is very important.  How is it possible to do without stressing the joint? Exercise in water! Hydrotherapy, either swimming or walking in an underwater treadmill, will make a dog much more comfortable. In water, the stress on the joints is reduced, the water resistance increases strength and gentle joint motion occurs. The dogs have a good time playing in the water and they don't even realize they are exercising.


Swimming is non-weight bearing exercise. Swimming causes beneficial range of motion in the front limbs and gentle movement in the knees and hips. The water resistance increases muscle strength.


Non-swimmers enjoy the underwater treadmill. Wading in the water, the joint stress is reduced by 60% but it is 65% more effort to move through the water than on land. The water resistance is beneficial for strengthening and lifting the legs increases range of motion.


There is also a psychological benefit of pain-free exercise. This occurs because dogs like to be active and to be able to do so without hurting makes them feel better. Owners report the dogs are livelier, more playful and energetic at home. 

New Products @ CRCG
Woodrow Wear Non-Slip Dog Socks

Power Paws non-slip dog socks give dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and other neuro-skeletal issues the power to stand, the power to stop, and the power to go!


Power Paws can be used indoors for use on slippery floors, to protect against scratches on hardwood, for warmth, and for wound protection. Use them outdoors for protection against salt, snow, ice, extreme heat, as a barrier against allergens, and to prevent slipping in moving vehicles.


In 8 sizes from XXSmall to XXXLarge, Power Paws can help your dog!


Power Paws are machine washable and they look good too.


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