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October 8th, 2015

Many of you have noticed the nursery filling up with signs of fall - pumpkins and gourds of every shape and size; fall veggies, herbs, and lettuces; and the first of the pansy and viola crops.

To mark the changing of the seasons, we celebrated by creating a fall mandala. To see a blog post and lots of pictures, look HERE. It was a really fun project and shows off some of what we have available now!

We know you're all itching to get going with pansy planting. Please be careful when handling very small transplants. Take them gently out of the pack or pot, and don't plant them too deeply. Firm them in with a gentle push into the soil. Ease your way into the fall season by planting a few pots first. Look HERE for a post from last year to give you some ideas.

Concentrate on preparing garden beds by pulling out spent summer annuals and adding compost or soil conditioner to amend and loosen the soil. Try not to walk on beds since that compacts the soil...not a good thing.

Do you need bittersweet for decorating? We have it now! And, if you're in the neighborhood, stop in to congratulate Molly. She's getting married Saturday!!!!!

Are  you on Instagram? We are! Search for Oak Street Garden Shop, follow us, and enjoy all the pictures of plants, cats, the garden, and our designs. Don't forget we're also on Facebook and Twitter too.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you soon.


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