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July 30th, 2015


We hope you're all beating the inevitable heat and humidity that comes with high summer in the south. We decided the other day that a makeover was due for the greenhouse, so we've been painting and doing some rearranging during this relatively slow period.


With summer's high temperatures and the need for frequent watering, container plantings, and even garden beds, will benefit from a fertilizer boost now.  


Either add some Moo Poo tea that you steep in a 5 gallon water bucket, mix up some Jack's 20-20-20 and water with it, or put some Osmocote around plantings. Whatever you choose to use, this feeding is important now. Don't be afraid to cut plants back if they've gotten out of control either! 


You may have seen the post on our Facebook page, but, if you missed it, we're having a HUGE planter sale! This is definitely the time to take a look around your landscape. If you have planters that you're not happy with or just want a fresh look, you will not find any better deal on beautiful planters since they are all  50% off! The website post HERE shows what was available at the beginning of spring, and many of them are still in stock. The quality of these planters is exceptional, from a company we've been buying from for many, many years. 


Have you been watching the "Better Late Than Never Garden" across the street? It's coming along, and soon we'll have a lot of flowers to entice even more bees and butterflies. Look  HERE  to learn about a program designed to encourage home gardeners and communities to plant a pollinator garden. We're proud to say we have one in the heart of Crestline Village!


Enjoy the rest of the summer and look for the next newsletter the end of August. Until then, we'll see you soon!






















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