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January 15th, 2015


Since the last email, we've rung in the New Year, and what a chilly year it's been! Pansies and other annuals certainly took a hit when temperatures dropped to 10 degrees and stayed below freezing for two days. 

But this is a typical winter in Alabama, and why we emphasize the importance of mulch in planting beds to protect plantings. We all know it can be in the 60's one day and the next week we'll be shivering in the teens. It's crazy weather for us and our plants!

Outside it may be winter, but, in the greenhouse we're in spring cleaning mode. A fresh coat of paint, a little rearranging, the addition of some really cool tree trunks (Tacca is overseeing some of the redo in the picture.), and we'll be ready to display plants, pots, and arrangments into spring  (Yes, it will come!) and beyond. 

 We are beginning to get in primroses, so if you 
need a cheery pick-me-up on a winter day stop by, pick one up, and take a stroll through the greenhouse. While you're here, give Tacca a pet..she's a fiend for attention!  You might also want to pick  up a jar of  our delicious vegetable soup for those chilly winter nights when only soup will do.  Enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you soon. 


































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