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October 30th 2014


If you've been by the garden in recent weeks, you've no doubt seen all the monarch butterflies each afternoon. With colder temperatures forecast for the weekend, though, they'll probably be gone and we'll be pulling out the remaining summer annuals. Take a look HERE for a website post on these beautiful butterflies in our garden.


Will you be needing any of our Seven Winds foods for the holidays, either as gifts or for parties? If you need  quantities of their delicious brittles, pecan gems, cheese hooies, or cookies, please let us know the amounts and the date you need to pick them up and we'll pre-order them for you. 


What a difference some rain makes; everything always looks happier for it. It looks like it will be dry for the next week or so, though.  Check and water newly-planted pansies, snapdragons,  and other transplants in the morning if necessary. Be careful, though, not to overwater very small plants; their young  root systems can easily be waterlogged and won't recover. This is another good reason to add soil conditioner, compost, and/or shredded leaves to loosen heavy soil. Also be sure to mulch garden beds - temperatures are going to be chilly this weekend!


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