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August 21st, 2014


We've started carrying Tula hats, and, since we take any opportunity to ham it up, here's most of us modeling our favorites (minus Billy, since he wasn't there, and Bert, who was being Bert). When you're outside all day in the sun like we are, and even if you're not, sun protection is important and everyone should wear a hat! So, if you need a cute new one, try a few on next time you're in.

After a long stretch with no rain, we've gotten some in the past couple of weeks. We are, however, approaching September, one of our driest months. Be mindful of the plants in your landscape and remember that watering less frequently but deeply is better than watering just a little every day. Look HERE to read some of Kris' thoughts on this while watering her  garden one early summer morning.


It's the height of fresh fig season, and we've been stocking them for your favorite desserts...or just for eating out of hand. They're so delicious! If you enjoy baking, look  HERE for a fig crostata recipe featured in The Style Gathering blog. 


Finally, we're so pleased that the new Lilly Pulitzer store at the Summit found us via the website! They  brought in terrariums to be planted for their new store and ordered orchids too. Take a look HERE to see what Molly created for them. 


Have a terrific weekend, and we'll see you soon!












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