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August 7th,  2014


If you need tough plants to handle the dry, hot month of August and take you through the end of summer, the planted container pictured here is an example of one combination that will take the heat in stride.

Southern Living Magazine took note of our container plantings too. In fact, many will be in a container gardening publication coming out in February, 2015.  Of course, we'll remind you of this next year!


Two of the plantings Southern Living photographed are actually the subject of a post on how to plant the same container two different way...in this instance, a lightweight brown bowl. Look HERE to see how they both turned out.


Last week the link to the aloe post didn't work. Sorry!! Plantsmen have been hard at work on these old standbys. Take a look HERE  (This time the link will work!) to see just a few of these hybrids of your mom's sturdy aloe plant.


We hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you soon.











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