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 July 3rd, 2014



Happy Fourth of July, everyone! In celebration, we will be enjoying a long weekend and will be closed Friday the 4th, Saturday the 5th, and Sunday the 6th. We'll have fresh produce available all day today, though,  if you need to stock up for the long holiday weekend.


Next week  marks the beginning of a long anticipated vacation for Kris, so there will be a break for a couple of weeks, with weekly newsletters and web posts  resuming on Thursday, July 24th. 


Until then, though, look HERE for a post from last July on things to be doing in your gardens in the summer...and remember the website has archives of past posts under  What's New  if you'd like to take a look at any you might have missed.


A few newsletters back we highlighted some shade planters planted up in the nursery to give you ideas. Look HERE for some that were planted with sunny spots in mind.


All of us hope this celebratory holiday weekend is spent in the best of ways with your family and friends and that it includes good food, drink, and - most of all - time to relax. Enjoy the holiday weekend, and we'll see you soon!






















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