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 June 26th, 2014


It's the end of June, and heat lovers like caladiums, vinca, and zinnias should be going strong in your gardens. The daylilies shown here are perfect companions for sun tolerant caladiums (There are some!), sun coleus, and angelonia in this planting bed. If you have daylilies and need a reminder of how to care for them, take a look HERE at a post from last year. We still have a few in stock if you're interested in planting these beautiful and long-lived perennials.


With the strongest heat of summer coming on, be sure your beds are well mulched. The purpose of mulching is threefold: It keeps moisture in the soil where plants can utilize it, moderates soil temperatures, and also helps control weeds. So the effort used in spreading it is more than offset in the benefits for the health of your plants and your soil. We have plenty of pinestraw and soil conditoner in now for this purpose.


Many of us worry about snakes when we're out in our gardens in the hottest part of summer, and, even though they are excellent for rodent control and many are not poisonous, the fear factor is very real. Look HERE for some information on identifying snakes and tips to avoid them in your landscape. A few common sense precautions will keep everyone out of harm's way and keep us comfortable in our gardens.


Enjoy the weekend, and we'll see you soon.










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