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 June19th, 2014


When the red market tables begin to fill with all the fresh goodness of the season, we know it's summer in the 'hood and many of you have trips planned to the beach or lake. 


To be truthful, we've been sampling the fresh blackberries from Petals from the Past. They're huge (and delicious!), as are the peaches, plums and melons that are beginning to appear. This picture says it all!


Jay,  Molly, and Bert took a few pictures of some of the goodness available now. Look HERE to see what they captured. Aren't cell phone cameras fun?


Billy and Kris have ongoing discussions about how to display the outdoor planted containers. Billy wants ALL of them on the steps at the entrance,  and Kris wants a mix...some showcased in planters throughout the nursery and the rest in planters on the steps at the entrance and in the area by Dyrons.


At any rate, look HERE to see some of the shade planters we've made up and have available in the nursery. One thing is for sure; the art of compromise is alive and well at Oak Street Garden Shop! 


Finally, since we have an abundance of blueberry bushes and they are loaded with berries, we're having a buy one, get one FREE blueberry bush sale! And, you have to have two to get berries..


 Enjoy these summer days and remember to water your plants before you leave town. If you're going to be gone for an extended time,  ask for a neighbor's help if you have plants that will need tending. We'll see you soon.



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