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 May 29th 2014


As you can see from the picture, the big news here is that we've been adopted! Jay spotted this kitty hiding under our pinestraw pallets and coaxed her out. She obviously hadn't eaten in quite some time, so the first order of business has been to give her food and then get her (We're reasonably sure she's a her!) to the vet this week.


She is extremely sweet, and, since our big gray cat, Gracie, disappeared a few weeks ago (He was around 20 years old.), we think this is meant to be. She is not sure about our other cat, Ozzie, but that will sort itself out. Billy is not sure  about this either, but he's been outvoted! 


In garden shop news, it's summertime already. Where did spring go?  If you're still working on planters and beds, we are still able to get plants in for you, though the selection may be a bit more limited. Ask us; we're always happy to help if you need assistance choosing plants for a particlar area.


Our growers are continuing to pot up plants to be available well into the summer, so there is always something good to grow! Enjoy your summer and we'll see you soon.





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