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Orchid arrangement                                                      
Here's the Scoop!
February 6th, 2014
Valentine's Day is next Friday, so it's time to be thinking about something special to give the one you love. We're happy to help come up with a beautiful arrangement that will lost so much longer than cut flowrs  - and we deliver too! 
We had a problem sending out last week's email, which had a web post link to some of the new planters we've gotten in. Look HERE if you'd like to read more.
 We're also interested in this newsletter to hear from you - email us your top three choices for a class of some sort and one choice of a class not listed. Please forward this to any friends who might be interested in classes, or receiving these emails. 
The choices:
1.  Quick pick veggies (think early season lettuce, radishes, spinach, mustard and herbs.
2. Herbs - Top 5 for growing and cooking with.
3. Creating a wildlife habitat in your yard.
4. Color in containers - flowers!
5. Miniature gardens - Bring a container or use one of ours to create your own.
6. Wildcard - Interested in something we haven't listed? Let us know!
7. Classes would be offered on Saturdays. Would you prefer morning or afternoon?
Email us at the end of this newsletter. Thanks for your input, and we'll see you soon!

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