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 October 31st, 2013
Happy Halloween! With November (Really?!) beginning tomorrow, the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, and, after that, the hectic whirlwind of the holiday season will be here.
Most of you know we'll be starting to clear out the nursery area to make way for the trees, so if you haven't gotten your pansies yet, it's really time to clear your beds and get cracking. To help you decide, there's a post on our website just for you! It's titled Fall Favorites For Spring...A Primer On Pansies And Violas. Hopefully it will help you out.
Bulbs are the perfect compliment to all the spring flowers we've talked about in recent newsletters. There's still a good selection, so, if you'd like to add some to your pansy plantings, they make great companions. Remember tulips do need a chilling period, so put them in your fridge for at least 6 weeks.
If you have planted your pansies, violas and all the other great things we've mentioned and aren't sure what to do with the plastic pots and trays, Mountain Brook recycling is now picking up plastics numbered six and seven.  Look on the bottom of your flats and pots and recycle any that have these numbers!
Thanksgiving is really late this year if you haven't noticed (We have!), and the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye. Check your calendars, and, if you'd like to sign up for a Christmas tree delivery date, let us know. All we ask is you carefully consider the date if you schedule this early.
Have a splendid and spooky Halloween and we'll see you soon! 
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