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 August 8th, 2013
Can you believe it's August already?! We're not sure where the summer went when our backs were turned, but it's definitely on the way out.  Before you know it, the kids will be back in school and the countdown will begin to cooler weather a couple months from now.
We are looking forward to autumn and have been putting together fresh planters that should grow out beautifully into the cooler months. The troughs shown here are one example, filled with herbs, some fancy leaf geraniums and other annuals in fall hues. We love using marigolds, too, and received our first delivery this week of those late season favorites.
Have you noticed all the butterflies, bees and other  creatures in your landscape?  Gardens are truly alive with all manner of life...take a look at the latest blog post for some of Kris' thoughts on summer in her garden, then take a stroll through your own!
We appreciate that you turn to us for help with plants, advice, or just to grab some fresh fruit and veggies on the way home. Speaking of which, this recipe for Arugula Salad With Honey Drizzled Peaches  sounds like the perfect compliment to a summer's meal. 
Thanks for your business and we'll see you soon!
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