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Hydrangea 'Little Lime'
Hydrangea 'Little Lime'
Here's the Scoop!
 July 18th, 2013
With all the rain we've been getting this summer, your landscapes should be lush and happy - especially all of our beautiful hydrangeas like the 'Little Lime' pictured here. We have these and 'Limelight' hydrangeas in stock now.
But after the rain there's also a lot of weeds unfortunately! There is one called mulberry weed which is especially problematic...take a look HERE for more information and pictures - chances are it's somewhere on your property!
All the recent rain also points out the importance of adding amendments to your garden beds each season to improve soil health and drainage. Roots of plants need oxygen just like we do. When soil doesn't drain well and is "waterlogged" plants have difficulty thriving - healthy soil makes healthy plants!
Many summer perennials are in full bloom now, including balloon flower, Platycodon. To keep it blooming pinch off spent blooms - only cut the stem back when no more buds are forming.  Continue to deadhead your daisies, coneflowers and annuals. Finally, cut back bloomed out daylily stems and neaten plants by removing yellowed leaves - don't hesitate to cut back the entire plant by half if needed. And, we've said this before...add mulch if your beds are bare - it also helps smother weeds!
If you have a minute this summer, take a look at our website if you haven't already...with continued help and encouragement from Rebecca Moody, it's coming along...thanks, Rebecca!  
Finally, we have lots of fresh summer veggies and fruits - okra, tomtoes, peaches, squash and more...we'll see you soon!
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