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Nikko Blue hydrangeas                   
Here's the Scoop!
 June 13th 2013
The hydrangeas shown here are 'Nikko Blue' french hydrangeas, and they're beginning to bloom here in the nursery and in the landscape. Birmingham has the perfect climate for these, and,  if you have an area in filtered or morning sun that you'd like a summer blooming shrub, this would be a good choice for you.
For those of you who already have french hydrangeas, the bloom color is dependent on the Ph of the soil - if you'd like yours to be pinker, add some lime around them; more blue, add aluminum sulfate.
We continue to get fresh fruits and vegetables in the market - the summer's bounty is beginning to roll in!  And, speaking of summer bounty, Billy and Dena have begun planting the Emmet O'Neal Library vegetable garden across the street with help from little ones in the library's summer "Dig into Gardening" program - keep an eye out for postings on our website and pictures on our Facebook page of progress in the garden!
Last week a customer brought in a very large wire hanging basket to be filled - it will be hung in a shady garden area.  If you'd like to see how this massive basket turned out, take a look HERE - it's another example of what can be done using lots of different foliage to create a beautiful end result.
And, last but not least, the Best Of Birmingham poll in the Birmingham Magazine is out - we hope we've earned your vote...
Hoping all of you (and especially the Dads and granddads out there) have a wonderful Father's Day weekend - we'll see you soon!
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