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 May 30th 2013
The Memorial Day holiday has come and gone and that means one thing...summer is here and the heat is on! Remember plants get hot too - just because a plant is wilted in the heat of the day does not necessarily mean that it needs water.
The ideal time to water your plants is always early in the morning before the heat builds. It's better for you too!
We've said it before and we'll say it again - the best way to conserve water in the soil and keep soil temperatures even is to mulch! Don't skimp on this not so fun but very important garden task. We have bags of shredded pine bark mulch, as well as pinestraw, for this purpose. Use it! If you'll be on vacation for any length of time, please have a good neighbor check on your planters and beds in your absence.
Many early summer perennials are beginning to strut their stuff, and now is the time to pay particular attention to your late blooming plants. (Perennial sunflowers, chrysanthemums and joe pye weed are a few.)  If you'd like to see some tips on cutting back some of these late bloomers, take a look HERE.
It's also daylily season! These workhorses of the garden come in all colors, sizes and bloom times,  and add foliage form as well as flowers to your landscape. Interested in adding some to your garden? We have a nice selection to choose from!
Finally, last week's newsletter didn't have a working link for those of you who might want to look at the post on Chez Fon Fon's planter's downtown - these are a good example of how to lighten up a shady spot with different foliage and blooms.
Hope your short week has been a good one and we'll see you soon!
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