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 May 16th, 2013
Hasn't it been great to have the road in front of the shop back to two lanes? We are so happy to see the city hall construction mostly complete - we hope you'll stop by if you haven't been in yet this spring - the street is freshly paved too.
We've been busy restocking after Mother's Day weekend - and, after a cool start to the week, it's warming up nicely - just right for planting, especially so if you've held off because of the crazy temperature fluctuations.
When planting beds or pots, please remember the following: Water your new plants first and loosen roots, water to settle everything in after they're in the ground or planters, and, finally, mulch your garden beds to conserve moisture and keep the soil temperature as cool as possible during the hot summer months ahead of us.

Billy's Garden Billy has been busy planting his garden on Euclid Ave. with shrubs - this website post on his project might be of interest to many of you!

On the market front, our red table produce sure has been tasty, and so pretty at the entrance to the greenhouse - plants and produce are a winning combination! We have delicious strawberries, early tomatoes, new potatoes, butterbeans, lady peas and more.
Finally, we thought you might like to see a real (and very large) clam shell that a customer brought in recently. It became a succulent planter in our hands...if you haven't seen it, look HERE to see how it turned out...
We look forward to seeing you soon!
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