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 May 2nd, 2013
This week many of you picked up your cutting zinnias -these go quickly, so if you'd like to have some for your garden, be sure to let us know.  
If any of you are having Cinco de Mayo parties, we have delicious Salsa Senorita salsa in the market - just perfect for your get-togethers. You can make a delicious guacamole with it too...all you need are avocados, lemon and chopped garlic - yum! We'll have the recipe printed out at the shop and will share it on our Facebook page too. We're also hoping to have more of Shannon Blount's fresh eggs for the weekend.  
The nursery is FULL of the best things now...tropicals like the thryallis pictured above, annuals and herbs to plant in beds and pots, tables full of perennials for every spot from sun to shade, beautiful clematis, and a very good selection of shrubs for tough spots - ask Billy for help if you're not sure which to choose.  
  There are also many varieties of hollies - beautiful and durable plants for our area that provide berries for wildlife in the winter and for decorating during the holidays. (We do like a double duty plant!)
The website continues to be updated with new posts. If you missed it, the latest are on annuals and perennials...click HERE to read the post on annuals. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed HERE  if you'd like to read these as soon as they are posted.  Hope you enjoy them and we'll see you soon!

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