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Coleus adds color!
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Begonias, lighting up the shade


          Here's the Scoop!
                    April 11th, 2013

  After a lovely weekend, this week more plants arrived daily.  From flowers and herbs for your pots, to perennials and vegetables for the garden, we have something for everyone.  One is Kris' favorite perennial coreopsis  - 'Full Moon', a buttery yellow beauty. Take a look HERE to see photos of it in her garden.
Please take a look also at our post on downy mildew on impatiens... Unfortunately, we did see this in the landscape last year. As an independent garden shop, we feel it's our responsibility to make our customers aware of potential problems with this popular bedding plant. This also includes double impatiens, but NOT Sunpatiens or New Guinea impatiens. We will stll offer these popular bedding plants for those of you who did not experience problems last year. For those who did, the recommendation is to plant something else, since the spores from the disease may still reside in the soil. We'll have many alternatives available, including the popular Dragonwing begonias, Sunpatiens, New Guinea impatiens, bedding begonias, torenia, caladiums, coleus and more. 
Hopefully the rain will help ease the pollen situation (There have been a lot of yellow cars out there!) and we'll see you soon.



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